Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Wedding of the year!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the card I had created for my cousin Katies wedding to the lovely Chris.  I was sorting through the images on my camera and I realised that there were some fun pictures of the day that I thought I'd share with you no crafting today I'm afraid to say, just pictures of my scary family!

Firstly I thought I'd share a picture of why we were all there, the lovely Katie and Chris with their parents..

Now here is a picture you don't get to see very often, it's me and my brother if you have ordered anything from that was delivered to you then he's the one you have to thank for the fab service as Gary is the Funky Hand Dispatch Manager..thanks alot Gaz you do a fantastic job!

My parents have always been completely behind me with Funky Hand infact with anything that I have done in my life so it's nice to introduce them to you..oh and it's my Moms fault I craft as she started me off on the crafty road !!

How could not include at picture of the most important techie in Funky Hand, and in my life? Here's Ian being cool and me not treating him with the 'respect' he was commanding!

We had a wonderful day seeing Katie and Chris married and being with all of our family. Some we see all the time and others we haven't seen for years.  To close this post here is a 'lovely' picture of me towards the end of the evening, after one or two Vodka and diet cokes.. Cheers!

I'll be back with some crafting later in the week, speak again very soon.
Anice xx


  1. oh what fabulous pictures anice, you look swit swoo hun!!! and how lovely to see what everybody looks like too, it looks like it was a super day xxxx

  2. Hi Anice, Thank you so much for sharing your lovely family with us, you looked really happy, thinking about it you always do, you are always smiling. So glad you all had a great day:D xx

  3. thanks for sharing the lovely pics anice and it's great to see the other whizz kids at the fabulous Funky Hand...and you look absolutely gorgeous..hugs kath xxxx

  4. Anice, you all look like you had a very fun day - it makes all the difference to a wedding I think. Nothing worse than grumpy stuffy pics eh? Beautiful bride and all the others look fab too including you!! Ta very much for sharing! Sheila:)X


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