Wednesday, 30 August 2006

I must be just thick ..but am I the only person who finds putting things for sale on Ebay really hard?? I really admire the people who list items all the time and their entries look so proffessional. I was nearly pulling my hair out last night trying to put one of my CD's for sale. Can't have done the job too badly as it sold this morning!! But now that means that I have to put another one on tonight.. oh no, Ian and I almost killed each other last night getting that listing on!!
I have been busily making cards the last few days to fulfil recent orders but that hasn't stopped me designing some new papers for the third CD that I am working on. Heres a peek at a couple of the cards that I made with the new papers..

I am really pleased with this collection so far, I am learning each time I design more so they just keep getting better, In my own opinion of course!! Let me know what you think.. don't be shy leave a message! Also let me know what sort of papers you would like to be available and I will see if I can design something to include on this new CD. Well until next time...

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

This weekend Ian has been away at the V Festival so I have had the first weekend on my own in the house for ages. It was great! I was out and about with my friend Lisa on Saturday and we ended up eating for England! After lunch and a bit of shopping we then had a cream tea with the biggest cream scones I have ever seen..they were wonderful!
On Saturday night we watched chick flicks and generally had a nice 'girlie' evening. With everything going on with Funky Hand Digital I just haven't had time to really relax and enjoy my friends company. After this weekend I think I am going to have to remember there is more to life than work.. (but not more than crafting of course!!) and try to relax more. Oh and I also have to start a diet..I felt those cakes going on to my large enough already hips before I had finished them!!
Anice x

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Good morning everyone.
Things are not getting any quieter on the Funky hand front I have to say! But I am not complaining of course. The first advert for is in Card making and paper craft magazine and number of hits to the site has really increased which is fantastic. I also want to take a moment to thank the wonderful customers who have purchased the first CD and then taken the time to let me know how happy they are, thank you so much for your feedback it means so much to me to hear from my customers. We have made a few changes to the website so that you can have a clearer idea what sort of papers you can expect on the CD when you get it home, obviously I couldn't include all the papers and colours in new image as there is far to many but I think it now gives a better idea whats included. I have also finally finished the designs for my new Christmas themed CD and handed it over to my resident 'Techie' Ian to do his magic and make the CD work..(no guesses that I don't have a big part to play in that side of things!) I have completed an image for the website when we launch it and I thought you might like a sneak peek of the designs to give you an idea of what I have been doing...

Right best get back to work I have bathrooms that are never going to clean themselves..who said working from home would be fun??
Anice xx

Friday, 11 August 2006

Hello Hello Hello..what an exciting time I am having!
I am so excited at the moment as my first advert for has appeared in this months Card Making and Papercraft magazine. I can't wait to start to supply more people with my backing paper's all so exciting. Not only that but I have an even bigger situation for the company right on the horizon..I will tell you about that once everything is signed and sealed...
On the home front Ian and I have just been working all the time, not much fun to be had at all recently so we have decided to let our hair down this weekend. We are going out with friends tonight to the local pub, but Sat night we are heading out on the town to Newcastle which we haven't done for ages... best get my drinking head on like the good ole days. I will let you know if I lasted later than 10pm next time I post!
Happy crafting x

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Where has all this rain come from??
For the last few weeks it has been so hot here I began to think I was living in a new country, but today good ole England has been returned to normal summertime's raining! I am sorry for complaining about the sun.. rain is worse.
Not that I have had much time to even know what the weather has been like, I have had card and cd orders coming out of my ears! But I have finally caught up and have time to post here! It's my friends birthday today (Huggs to Corrina) and my moms birthday Saturday so for the first time in ages I have been making cards for myself, I thought you might like to see my creations..

I used one of the papers from my new cd 'The Funky One' on Corrina's card available from and the two papers on my moms card are new designs that will be on available on a future CD release.
I am working hard at the moment on completing the designs for my Christmas CD which should be available soon. Who could have guessed that it would be so taxing coming up with Xmas designs, maybe now the weather has turned nasty I will find more inspiration!


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