Wednesday, 30 August 2006

I must be just thick ..but am I the only person who finds putting things for sale on Ebay really hard?? I really admire the people who list items all the time and their entries look so proffessional. I was nearly pulling my hair out last night trying to put one of my CD's for sale. Can't have done the job too badly as it sold this morning!! But now that means that I have to put another one on tonight.. oh no, Ian and I almost killed each other last night getting that listing on!!
I have been busily making cards the last few days to fulfil recent orders but that hasn't stopped me designing some new papers for the third CD that I am working on. Heres a peek at a couple of the cards that I made with the new papers..

I am really pleased with this collection so far, I am learning each time I design more so they just keep getting better, In my own opinion of course!! Let me know what you think.. don't be shy leave a message! Also let me know what sort of papers you would like to be available and I will see if I can design something to include on this new CD. Well until next time...

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