Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Thank you everyone!

Wow what a day I had yesterday, we travelled to the Ideal World studios in the morning (they are in Peterborough so it's a 3 1/2 hour drive from here in Newcastle..phew and what a dull road the A1 is!!) and ended up having a fantastic show as we sold out of all the Ideal World stock on air of my new craft CD release Funky Word Books!

I wanted to say a very big thank you to my fantastic Design Team members who made such amazing samples of all the word books. I don't know what I would do without them now as they are not just a Design Team but also wonderful and supportive friends. (Big kiss to you all!!) I'd also like to thank all my wonderful customers as well who either purchased the CD from Ideal World or are patiently waiting to buy it from my website when it is official released for sale on there on Monday 11th May. I really appreciate all your kind emails and support..I'm sure I don't deserve it, but I appreciate it all the same.

I'm sorry if you emailed into Ideal World yesterday during the show, I know there were alot of messages received but the show was so busy the producer couldn't fit any of them in! But thank you anyway for taking the time to send the messages.

I'm feeling pretty tired today and I'll be packing orders most of this afternoon but a nice cup of tea and the TV on will help pass the time as I do them!

Have a great day whatever you are upto.
Anice xx

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Join me on Monday..

..on Ideal World to see the full, and totally amazing, versions of these sneak peek pictures of Word Books that my Design Team have created using my new craft CD Funky Word Books.

As I said in my last post, the CD is being launched exclusively on Ideal World at 6pm on Monday 27th April. Ideal World will be selling it for 14 days and then I will launch it on my my website www.funkyhand.com for sale and other traders will have access to it on Monday 11th May.

I've finished all my demos and all the design team samples are here so apart from packing my tote and making sure that I remember all my tools we are good to go for the show. I hope you can join me so you can see all the great things the girls in the Design Team have created.

Well I'd best get onto trying to fit everything into my tote trolly..I think it might be a hard job..but someones got to do it..unfortunately me!!

Enjoy the show!
Anice xx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New Funky Hand CD Launch information.

Finally I can give you all the details of the release of my new craft CD Funky Word Books.

I will be launching it live in a hour long show on Ideal World Shopping channel on Monday 27th April at 6pm. Hopefully that time will mean that all you working crafty people may be able to catch it! I am really excited about showing you my new CD as it has been designed and created because of all my wonderful customers and their feedback.

When Funky Daze was launched I never imagined that the couple of word book collections that I included on it would prove to be so popular. So in direct response to alot of requests for more word books, I have create Funky Word Books which is made up of twelve completely new word book collections but this time as well as alphabet letter pages there are also number pages as well. See I do listen to what you ask me for! Hopefully there will be a colour collection included on this craft CD for every occasion that you might want to create a word book for.

My design team have been working round the clock creating the most amazing word books,cards and craft projects from the papers on this new CD and I am really excited about sharing them with you next Monday live on TV.

The CD is having an exclusive launch with Ideal World, which means that you can only purchase it from them from 27th April for two weeks. The CD will be launched for sale on my website www.funkyhand.com from Monday 11th May.

I'll be back later in the week to give you some sneak peeks of the fabby stuff the Funky Hand design team have been creating with the new CD.

Until then!
Anice xx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I just couldn't resist..

I have to admit to not being a big wearer of jewellery. A watch and a ring is pretty much it for me really but, when I was visiting the handmade website www.etsy.com recently I just couldn't resist this beautiful handmade daisy ring from Pretty by Pistachio. (Visit Louise's shop here)

Isn't it just the sweetest thing? It's even better in real life than in the picture. I decided to buy it as a little present to myself for winning the business award last week..and I wanted something new to wear when I launch my new CD on Ideal World at the end of the month. I definitely recommend that you go and have a look at Louise the designers shop, she has some beautiful little rings there crying out to be worn and her service is fab!! Don't be put off by the prices being in dollars it's just that it's an American site, there are loads of beautiful handmade items available from very talented crafters right here in the UK. Trouble is I keep popping back to look at all the wonderful things that are available and it's stopping me from getting my demonstrations done! So I had better get back to work..
Speak again soon.
Anice xx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Find that craft stash where ever it is hiding!

Now I don't want you to think that I'm losing it a bit today with this post by putting up a picture of a ,well it has to be said, nasty old slipper! That is a picture of one of my old pair of slippers which I have finally replaced with a lovely new squeaky clean pair. The reason I am sharing my 'work shoes'(err that is an old joke here in Funky Hand Towers because I work from home so my 'work shoes' are my slippers..Ian is just jealous!!) with you is because in these days where we are all having to pick and choose carefully where we spend our craft stash money there can be wonderful stash found in the most unlikely of places.

These slippers were covered in just loads of lovely tiny little pink beads, with a sharp pair of scissors I sat this afternoon at my craft desk and carefully cut them all off. I couldn't believe how many there were on them..

I filled a whole bead tub with them! Expect to see a lot of pink beads on my creations over the next few months. This isn't the first time I've salvaged stash from my outgoing old slippers..the pair before this were covered in heart shaped buttons and they were very handy at Valentines! So my message to you today is..before you throw out any piece of clothing, no matter how yucky!, take a little look at what is decorating it there's usually some lovely button, bead or other sort of decorative item that will sit very happily on your next crafty creation!

Talking of saving a bit of money I want to remind you that the Easter Sale on my website www.funkyhand.com where you can grab 15% off everything in the store ends tonight (Monday 13th April) at 10pm so get over there before then and grab yourself a bargain.

I'll be back very soon to tell you all about my new CD release 'Funky Word Books' and details of the live show on Ideal World Shopping Channel where it is going to be launched at the end of the month.
Speak again soon.
Anice xx

Friday, 10 April 2009

Roll up Roll up, we're having a SALE !

I'm pleased to let you all know that with my recent award win (Thanks for all your lovely kind words by the way) and a nice little holiday weekend upon us I thought it was time for a bit of a SALE!

If you pop over to our website www.funkyhand.com from 10am today (Friday 10th April) until 10pm on Monday 13th April you will find all of our Funky Hand products have 15% discount off them. That's on all our craft CDs, paper packs and download collections. We don't have sales that often so I'd grab a bit of a bargain whilst you can!!

Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone !
Speak again very soon
Anice xx

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Business Awards and the result is...

I WON! I am very proud to tell you all that last night at the North Tyneside Business Awards for 2009 Funky Hand won North Tynesides Retail Business of the Year 2009 !! I was so surprised and so proud. I thought I would share with you a few pics from the mad night we had...

Me before hand trying not to look like I was nervous and doing a very bad job of it!

Here's the whole gang..minus Lisa who was taking the photo!..my wonderful friends who have all supported me through the good times and bad over the last few years whilst we got Funky Hand on it's feet.

Here I am getting my award..and trying to smile sweetly for the newspaper cameras..I'm afraid I was in a bit of a daze and think the pictures might end up with me looking like a smiley mad woman!!

and finally..

This is my mate Neil's answer to everyone who thought I wouldn't win..which included me!!

I had a fab night and it was just amazing to be recognised like this by my local business community. It really means so much to me and hopefully it will help me to look at my award when I'm sitting here in front of this PC screen in my little backroom office next time I'm trying to come up with the next idea for a CD and thinking I can never do anything any good that I must be doing something right..at least some of the time!

Right all this awards stuff is over now..I'll be back very soon with details of the new CD rom and all about the release date..
Speak again very soon
Anice xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

All aboard for the business awards!

Well, I'm getting a bit nervous now..the tickets have all arrived and tomorrow night we are off the the North Tyneside Small Business Awards to see if I have been lucky enough to not only be short listed for an award (which I'm already pretty pleased about) but actually win something. It can be a pretty lonely life sitting here in my little office day after day, doing a job that I love granted, but still on my own quite a bit so it's very nice to get the opportunity to treat my best mates to a slap up night out and perhaps be recognised for all the hard work I put into running Funky Hand each day. Obviously it's also a good excuse to get my hair done and have a little visit to the beauticians so that's where I've been this afternoon getting my eyebrow made into two separate ones again and getting a lovely young lass to tidy up my tatty old nails so I don't look like I've been tending the garden with my bare hands anymore!

I'm please to let you know as well that my new CD release is now safely in the hands of the manufacturers and my fabby design team have got their hands on it as well. They have all started creating some wonderful crafty creations with it already! I can't wait to share everything they come up with with you. I'll be back in the near future to give you more information about the CD release date and some other snipits of news about the Funky Hand website.

Over the weekend I'll pop back and let you know how I did at the awards..you never know there might even be some photos to show you what sort of time we had. Wish me luck..I think I'll need it!!

Anice xx


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