Monday, 28 January 2013

Lots of new Funky Hand releases..

As usual I have neglected my blog but I have very good reasons this time..I've been working on new Funky Hand downloads.  They were released on our website last night, so I'll stop the chat and show you what I've been up to!

First is a new backing paper collection called Just For Jen.  This was created for a very special lady in the Funky Hand teams life that has been dealing with Breast Cancer.  I decided to create a collection that was inspired by the colours for Breast Cancer Awareness, pinks and greys.It's priced at £3.19  Take a look..

We have decided to make a donation to the Cancer Research Charity for each download collection of Just for Jen that we sell, so if you purchase it you are not only getting a craft backing paper collection but also helping out in important research.

The next lot of releases are a bit scary for me, they are digital stamps. Simple enough I hear you say but, I've drawn them!  There are two sets of stamps the first images of funky cakes. Flower Cake and Star Cake

These images have been coloured in but you will obviously get plain images for you to colour.

The other set from this release are the first two of a collection I intend to add to.  They are titled, 'Where the Faeries Live' The first two digital stamps are Number One Tree Stump Lane and Number Two Tree Stump Lane.  I hope you like them!

All the digital stamps are priced at £1.49 each

So there you go, why I have been absent alot this month!  I'll be back soon showng you some of the fab cards the Design Team have been creating with the backing paper collection and the digital stamps.

Speak again very soon
Anice xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

How tough are boys cards?

Well, here we are 2013. It seems like just a few months since we were welcoming in 2012. I suppose it's my age, everything just goes by so quickly now!  That's the excuse I'm going to use for the awful space I've had putting up a blog post here... not a good one I know, but it's all I've got!

Right, so first off I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  I never make New Year resolutions as I can never keep them!  Have you made any?  I'd love to hear what they were..and if you have kept to them or broken them already!!

Onto the crafting I think.  Ian's nephew has his birthday right between Christmas and New Year, we always make sure we treat them separately as I know the poor lad gets 'combined' cards and presents and he's still just a lad..well 15 is a lad to me !!  He is really into his football and pretty good at it as well from what we hear so, I thought I'd use that as a starter for his birthday card.

As he's a 15 year old boy I needed to keep it straight forward and not use too many embellishments.  The spotty backing paper is from the Funky Hand CD Colour Me Happy and that's where the football boot digital stamp came from as well.  I used Promarkers to colour the boot and wrote the sentiment using the impact label font in the writing section of the Colour Me Happy CD.  The great thing with that is that I could use the same brown colour from the paper for the sentiment so it matches perfectly but also isn't so harsh as using black.  I talked about embellishments earlier.  It's always tough on male cards as the usual flowers etc just can't be used..obviously. So, for this card I used some bakers twine..that I am very excited to tell you will be available on the Funky Hand website VERY SOON. It's wonderful quality and you will be getting alot of it for your money..less of that now though, back to the card!

I searched through my rather large box of buttons and found this brown button that had been cut off something many years ago. Ians Mum was very kind to me a few years ago and gave me her box of old buttons. There are the most amazing 70's buttons in there and newer one's of course but stuff you could never buy. My advice to you is NEVER get rid of any item of clothing without first cutting off all the buttons, unless you are giving it to the charity shop of course!  It is amazing how useful they can be when you are crafting and you save money as well.

So, to finish of this card I used the old button threaded onto the bakers twine and then the twine tied simply on the opposite side to balance up the button.  I know it's a simple card but perfect for a 15 year old boy who is a big football player and not really bothered about handmade cards!!

Well that's me done for today, I'm in the middle of creating a couple of new Funky Hand download collections so I had best get back to finishing them.

Speak to you again very soon.
Anice xx 


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