Saturday, 28 February 2009

At last cards to share!

I go so long sometimes between making cards, or any sort of crafting actually, just for fun that I forget how much I enjoy just playing! I needed to make two cards this morning so I got a few mins peace whilst Ian took my banking to the bank and posted my orders for today (I know I have him well trained!!)
The first is for Ians Nephew Adam who is six today, we are off to gatecrash his party tea this afternoon and eat all his cake!!

The stamped image is one from a recent stamped image swop we did on the Funky Hand design team blog. I am ashamed to say I'm not sure who this came from, it's either Jozza or Ruth I think..once I find out I'll come back here and make my correction!! Anyway..I chalked the little dinosaur and mounted him on some black card. The backing paper is from my CD Funky Seasons which I am sorry to say I don't visit enough but this Autumn colour collection fitted perfectly with the chalks I'd used for the colouring. Having Happy Birthday on the paper made it nice and easy for the sentiment as well!!

The second card is for one of our close friends Ivor who has very unexpectedly found himself in hospital this week. It's all quite upsetting and we are going to visit him this afternoon to see for ourselves how he is. Hopefully this little card will brighten up his hospital room.

This card is also made with a stamp swap image but I know who this one is from, Enfys. I used a paper from Funky Seasons again for this one but from one of the Winter collections. I cut the scalloped circle using the largest die from my Nesties set and left it pretty plain really..except for three buttons which I received in the post today from a lovely collection I bought from Ebay earlier in the week. I used to be a brad maniac but lately I have to admit to having a bit of a button fetish!!

Well the TV show on Ideal World last Saturday evening seemed to go quite well and I wanted to thank all my lovely customers for sending me nice messages this week. We have some very exciting plans ahead for the next few months so I am looking forward to sharing the details with you when I can..

On that note I think I had better get back to work..and there was me thinking that working for myself would be easier than working for someone else..I find I am a very hard boss to work for..I always have something else for me to do!!!

Anice xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Funky Hand where have you been??

I saw this picture and it said just how I have been feeling the last few weeks!

So I thought I would share it with you to give you a little laugh.

I'm sorry I have been a bit absent from around here again lately, after I promised myself that I would blog more regularly I should be ashamed I know! I do have some good excuses to share with you of course..but I wouldn't want to bore my poor blog readers too much. So I'll just say that the fact that my CD Funky Daze seems to have captured alot of crafters imaginations and they have been buying it, and creating some amazing stuff with it I might add, and keeping me busy with processing orders and answering queries..I have to admit I am looking alot like the lady in the picture..just much less groomed, more a bag lady version of her really!!

Over the weekend, just gone, Ian and I ran away to the Midlands for a few days..well actually to visit my parents really but also to attend the Trade craft exhibition at the NEC. It was interesting to visit the exhibition rather than exhibit at it which we have done the last two years..much more relaxing I have to admit. I saw some interesting new releases in papers etc from the big American companies that we will see in our craft shops over the next year and made some interesting connections with companies that can help me with new ideas I have for Funky Hand over the coming year..keep you eyes peeled for more info about that in the future.

Rather than being here chatting to you I should be locked in my craftroom creating new card demonstrations for my appearance on Ideal Worlds Craft Weekend on Saturday 21st Feb. My show is on live at 6pm - 7pm. I will be showing my CDs Funky Daze (now it's thankfully back in stock!) and Now that's Funky. Hopefully over the next couple of days I will come up with some interesting ideas to share with you..and hopefully I might get a chance to show them to you without the CDs selling out before I have a chance. What am I saying? of course I want the CDs to sell out..just at the end of the show!!!

Anyway I will try to be back in the near future with some crafting to share. Wish me luck with my demos and my live show..I think I need it!!
Anice xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Funky Daze CD back in stock.

Just a very quick post to let you know that I have received new stock of my latest CD Funky Daze today so it's once again available for purchase on my website

I thought I'd let you know here as I have received quite a few enquiries about when it would be back in stock. Phew, glad that it's back!!
Speak again real soon
Anice xx

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My first time as a god mother...

A little while ago Ian and I were asked by Ians sister Sandi to be God parents to her little girl Steffi Rose. I have to admit at the time I was surprised to be asked as Ian and I are not the most child friendly couple you would ever meet, but as she is such a little darling we just couldn't refuse. So, on Sunday, just gone, we turned up at a very cold Church, surrounded by snow and ice (and me wearing completely inappropriate high heeled shoes for the walk from the car to the church door), to take part in the baptism ceremony. She behaved herself admirably until the moment the Vicar put the water onto her head and then she nearly brought the Church roof down on us all with her screams!! I would have screamed as well in her place I have to admit!!

We did take some pictures..but none of them have turned out very well so I'll see if I can get any from family members that are reasonable and share them in the future. Of course I did make a card so I can share that with you!

The picture is of course Steffi and the papers are from my craft CD Now that's Funky. I tried to make it a little more 'handmade' by using my Bazzil stitching templates and hand stitching the swirl to tie the card altogether. I have to admit finding the sewing fiddly but I think it always turns out worth it in the end!

I think these papers are turning out to be some of my favourite as I find I use them quite often when I'm making cards to send to friends and family.

Well, I have loads of things to get on with so I'll catch you again soon.
Anice xx

Thursday, 5 February 2009

New Word Book Download Launched

I promised my download customers that I hadn't forgotten them when I released my last CD Funky Daze with two word book collections. So, as promised here is the first Funky Hand Word Book download Collection Huge Funky Love, just in time to make those all important Valentine cards!

The collection has been designed using lovely pinks and browns which are some of my favourite colour combinations! So what do you get in this download? Well I haven't called it HUGE Funky Love for nothing! You get pages for all of the letters of the alphabet also number pages 0-9 but as well as all that I've also included the six A4 papers that the collection have been created with so you can use them to print on the back of the word book pages or use them for card designs, scrap pages or any other crafting project you fancy creating. So in total the download contains 42 downloadable pages.

My design team members have been making some wonderful creations with the download so pop over to my website and have a look at the gallery on the Huge Funky Love page to get some inspiration from that talented bunch.

Phew, after the week I've had trying to keep up with the sales of Funky Daze after the sell out show on Ideal World last Tuesday, I think I could do with a bit of a rest..I don't think it's going to happen though. You know what they say 'no rest for the wicked' I must have been very bad in my youth!!

Speak again real soon
Anice xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I don't like to brag but...

Phew! It's been quite a week here at Funky Hand Towers..since the live show that I did last Tuesday on the Ideal World shopping channel my feet haven't really touched the ground. Funky Daze has sold an amazing number of copies and to give you a little heads up I have hardly any of them left, single numbers of copies left actually!! So if you are interested in buying one and finding out what it's all about get in quickly. I am expecting a new batch of stock from the manufactures later in the month but when what I have now is gone, that's it till then!!

Right onto some crafting, one of the demonstrations that I pulled together for the TV show last week was a brag book made with one of the word book collections on Funky Daze and I thought I would share the completed one with you as I was quite pleased with it when it was finally finished.

I created it using the Funky Guys word book collection. It's made up of pictures of all my dear other half, Ian's, Nephews and Niece. I made it to give to Ians Mum I hope she likes it now I've hawked it on the TV!! The lovely little vellum flower was made by Ruth from my design team, she's a real star making these flowers from vellum printed with papers from the CD.

I hand wrote the journalling, it says 'Grandchildren fill a space in your never knew was empty..' The picture is of all the kiddies when they were on a recent visit to the US, as there are grandchildren in the US and the UK they don't get together that often so this picture is pretty special.

These two little sweeties are Ian's sisters children, Adam and Steffi. Ian and I have the honour of being God parents to Steffi next weekend which is very exciting. Though I don't know what she will think of us two as God parents!! Tell you more about that another time!!

The last page has Ian's older brothers boys on it. Alex is the oldest and lives over here with his Mum and Nathan and Jack are turning into real little American boys as you can see from their baseball uniforms!!

Well, I still have a bit of work to do packing orders and I have some finishing touches to put to a new download collection that we will be releasing in the very near future so I'd best get back to work.

Speak again real soon
Anice xx


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