Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My first time as a god mother...

A little while ago Ian and I were asked by Ians sister Sandi to be God parents to her little girl Steffi Rose. I have to admit at the time I was surprised to be asked as Ian and I are not the most child friendly couple you would ever meet, but as she is such a little darling we just couldn't refuse. So, on Sunday, just gone, we turned up at a very cold Church, surrounded by snow and ice (and me wearing completely inappropriate high heeled shoes for the walk from the car to the church door), to take part in the baptism ceremony. She behaved herself admirably until the moment the Vicar put the water onto her head and then she nearly brought the Church roof down on us all with her screams!! I would have screamed as well in her place I have to admit!!

We did take some pictures..but none of them have turned out very well so I'll see if I can get any from family members that are reasonable and share them in the future. Of course I did make a card so I can share that with you!

The picture is of course Steffi and the papers are from my craft CD Now that's Funky. I tried to make it a little more 'handmade' by using my Bazzil stitching templates and hand stitching the swirl to tie the card altogether. I have to admit finding the sewing fiddly but I think it always turns out worth it in the end!

I think these papers are turning out to be some of my favourite as I find I use them quite often when I'm making cards to send to friends and family.

Well, I have loads of things to get on with so I'll catch you again soon.
Anice xx


  1. Hi Anice, Jan (Autumn Faerie on the Craft Forum) here, what a gorgeous card, I love the stitching idea it really finishes the card off beautifully.

    Congrats on being a Godmother too

    Jan x

  2. That is a lovely card Anice, Just been watching you on C&C. Congratulaions on
    becoming a godparent.

  3. oh this is so sweet and I love the hand stitching...just finishes it off...I bet you will be wonderful godparents.
    Hugs Kath xxxx

  4. Hi Anice
    what a beautiful and very personal card its gorgeous love your paper collections they are fab my fav so far please dont think i'm being rude as i don't know its name but its the minty one i love it !!!!!

    Emma xxx

  5. Love the b&w photo that goes so well with the papers! Simplicity at its best!

  6. Love the stitching - it works really well!!!

    And congratulations on being a God Parent!


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