Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Funky Hand where have you been??

I saw this picture and it said just how I have been feeling the last few weeks!

So I thought I would share it with you to give you a little laugh.

I'm sorry I have been a bit absent from around here again lately, after I promised myself that I would blog more regularly I should be ashamed I know! I do have some good excuses to share with you of course..but I wouldn't want to bore my poor blog readers too much. So I'll just say that the fact that my CD Funky Daze seems to have captured alot of crafters imaginations and they have been buying it, and creating some amazing stuff with it I might add, and keeping me busy with processing orders and answering queries..I have to admit I am looking alot like the lady in the picture..just much less groomed, more a bag lady version of her really!!

Over the weekend, just gone, Ian and I ran away to the Midlands for a few days..well actually to visit my parents really but also to attend the Trade craft exhibition at the NEC. It was interesting to visit the exhibition rather than exhibit at it which we have done the last two years..much more relaxing I have to admit. I saw some interesting new releases in papers etc from the big American companies that we will see in our craft shops over the next year and made some interesting connections with companies that can help me with new ideas I have for Funky Hand over the coming year..keep you eyes peeled for more info about that in the future.

Rather than being here chatting to you I should be locked in my craftroom creating new card demonstrations for my appearance on Ideal Worlds Craft Weekend on Saturday 21st Feb. My show is on live at 6pm - 7pm. I will be showing my CDs Funky Daze (now it's thankfully back in stock!) and Now that's Funky. Hopefully over the next couple of days I will come up with some interesting ideas to share with you..and hopefully I might get a chance to show them to you without the CDs selling out before I have a chance. What am I saying? of course I want the CDs to sell out..just at the end of the show!!!

Anyway I will try to be back in the near future with some crafting to share. Wish me luck with my demos and my live show..I think I need it!!
Anice xx


  1. Good luck, but you will be fine!! Who are you working with?? Congratulations on the success of Funky daze, not surprising,..its FAB!!

  2. Good luck with the show anice have written it on my calendar to watch. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Congratulations with the sales of Funky daze and heres to many more.

  3. Good Luck with everything....continued success to you Sarah xx

  4. will be watching on Saturday so good luck- not that you need it you will be wonderful
    Hope you manage to have a nice meal or something after the show

  5. Yay!! a show in the evening and Saturday too, i'll be having a ringside seat for a change :)

    You will rock their socks off as usual :)

    Carol x

  6. I have just finished my first word book from the cd (SNOW), the cd is fantastic!

    I have already set the show to record ready for some more of your brilliant ideas and inspiration!

    Bianca x


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