Thursday, 31 January 2008

The trials of creating male cards and the joys of having such lovely customers..

I don't know why is it so difficult to make a card for a man. I suppose if I look at my craft stash there is alot of Prima flowers and pretty ribbons, maybe I just don't have the right stash. But when I make a card for any of my male relatives or friends I don't want to stick a football on the front or an image of a golf bag so I suppose I need to think more outside of the box.. so, here is the card I made this morning for our friend Andy who has his birthday on Saturday. He's quite a trendy chap so I hope that he approves of this card. I don't think he visits my blog so he wont see this before he gets it but if I'm wrong.. sorry Andy!

Everything for the card has come from my new CD 'Now that's Funky' which will be available (crossed fingers) on my website at the end of February. I printed the backing for the card directly onto the base card so the design goes onto the back as well. Using another paper I cut out the arrow in Photoshop. The circle and 'Happy Birthday' topper are both straight off the CD. I used a black Sakura glaze pen to add faux stitching around the edge of the card and to outline the arrow. I used another pen in Terracotta to put the dashes around the circle. To just give it a bit of texture I added three adhesive pearls by Papermainia to the circle sentiment. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, Ian might hate it when he gets home and I'll have to come up with something else but at the moment that's the one!!

Yesterday I was so suprised to receive a lovely card in the post from one of my customers who had purchased my first CD The Funky One, I thought I would show it to you as I think it is great.. thanks very much Lorraine you're a star!

I am getting ready for the Craft Hobby and Stitch Trade show at the NEC, Birmingham on the 17th-19th February. I'm exhibiting for my second year in the Bright Sparks Pavilion (Stand BS21) if you are attending come and say hello! I am frantically trying to design posters for the stand and everytime I come up with something I change my mind! The printers are standing by waiting for the designs but at this rate I think they might be waiting for while!! I learned a good lesson last year at the exhibition 'Don't wear heels' so this year I will be wearing my trusty Doc Martin shoes that have seen me through many years wear as a part-time waitress amongst other things (that's a story for another time!) and still look as good as new!! I came here to have a break from designing posters, finishing my CD and tidying my craft room, guess I have to get back to work..speak again soon.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Wow! Nightmare journey home yesterday!

We travelled back from Ideal World in Peterborough yesterday after the show and the A1 was closed in a couple of sections because the wind had blown lorries over..eek! So Ian and I had to try to get home a different way, but as the A1 is pretty much the only road going North it was terrible. The journey usually takes about 3 1/2 hours.. we were travelling for 6 hours. I was so tired when we finally arrived home I couldn't even be bothered to eat.. now that is not me!!

The craft show went well yesterday, Dean the presenter with me was a madman but a very funny one! We were laughing all morning before and after the show! Thank you to everyone who sent in emails..I have to admit I tend to forget that people are actually watching (Helps with the nerves!) but it's really great to get messages and such complimentary ones about my products really made my day!

I thought I would share the cards that I made on the show yesterday here as I had to steam through them and I don't think you get that much of a good look. The first one I made...

This card is made with papers and toppers from my V. Funky CD Then next I demonstrated making was this one...

It was made with papers from my CD Funky Seasons
and finally this was the third demo I did..

This card was made with papers and extras from It's Funky Too

The jobs for today are piled up to the ceiling so I have to get back to work. My biggest job is getting my new CD finished off and I am pleased to say I have finally decided on a name for it... drum roll... 'Now that's Funky' crossed fingers it should be available in Mid to late February, but not if I don't get back to work finishing it!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Finally some crafting!

With everything being so busy around here lately I was very pleased yesterday to get a chance to make a card to be actually sent to someone rather than for a demo or some other purpose. Ian's parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary so I made them this card..

All the papers and sentiment are from my, soon to be released, new CD and the heart brad is one from my 'much too large' brad stash it's by Papermania from their retro collection. It was actually really nice getting to craft properly for a change. Sometimes when crafting becomes your job you forget that you used to do it for fun. I have to remember to remind myself!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

We've been busy!

Finally we have launched downloads on Funky Since we upgraded the website in November it has always been the plan to make downloads available so I am pleased to say that the first stage of our download evolution is now live.

In November I relaunched the last three of my CDs It's Funky Too, Funky Seasons and V Funky these CDs were all updated with additional extras and paper designs that were not on the originals. I was always aware that there were customers out there who had got the original versions of the CDs and now were missing out on the new stuff so.. the first downloads available are all the additional items that were added to the three CDs. So if you have the first editions of any of the three CDs you can download the other items available on the updated versions here now.

The plan is that over the next few months I will be releasing collections of Funky Hand papers that are not available on any CDs.All download collections will be completely separate and exclusive from my CD collections. I'm hoping that these collections will fill the gaps for my customers whilst I am working on future CD collections. I get so many emails asking when the next CD is coming out (you know who you are!!) that I have realised that downloads of new collections more regularly might just keep you happy! So if you like CD collections to savour or you prefer the instant hit of a download, Funky Hand will soon be able to offer you your choice. Gosh, I sound like an advert for a range of coffees!!

Right enough of that I have card demos to design for my appearance on Ideal World on Friday (nothing like leaving everything to the last moment eh!?) best get back to it.

Monday, 21 January 2008

An age since I blogged again..

Life here at Funky Hand Towers does not get any quieter now the new year is short notice I have agreed to guest present on another Ideal World craft hour so you can see my ugly mug again on Friday 25th January at 11am. Making a few cards and showing you my three latest CDs again.

With getting the order together for Ideal World, trying to pull together new card demos, completing the designs for my new CD and getting ready for the trade show next month..the house, never mind my craft room, looks like a bomb has hit it!
You know what the saddest thing is about all of this to me is? I bought a Bind it all over a week ago and I haven't even had the thing out of the box..I have such plans for the great projects I am going to create with it..but no time to even read the instructions..if you don't believe me take a look at the disaster that is my crafting room

and there sat right in the middle is my lovely new Bind it all. Life just isn't fair!!

Looking out of my office window I now see that it has started to snow..yuk..I hate snow. At least the thought of venturing outside into the real world isn't that appealing now, nothing to stop me getting on with my mountain of work!! Except chatting to you of course! Until next time!

Friday, 11 January 2008

DCM Challenge

It's been an age since I have had a chance to join in with a Daring Card Makers weekly challenge but I just had to have a go at this weeks. Here is the challenge:

Hiya fellow darers, Jane here ! How are you all ? This weeks dare is a hard one !! Sorry everyone, but it had to be done !! :)

I want you to create not just one but TWO cards ! But wait........there's more ! I want both cards to contain the same embellishments and papers, ribbons etc- but arranged in a different way for a different occasion....the only thing being different is the wording....I'll let you have different wording ! (How nice of me eh?) I'm well aware this is a really hard challenge, and that I have thrown everyone into 2008 off the deep end....but go on- give it a go - I DARE YOU !

I had promised myself that I would include at least one brad from my large collection on every card I produce in the near future so you can see one on each of my challenge cards

The two papers I have used are from my next CD which I hope to release in February.( That isn't going to happen though if I keep stopping designing to make cards!!) The spotty ribbon is from my stash can't remember where from I've had it that long and the brads are Papermania Ribbon Brads. The circle sentiments are new to be included on my next CD I have loads of different ones designed for every imaginable occasion.

The last few days have been really busy..I have had some very interesting talks with people and some exciting things are in the offing.. can't tell yet but you will be the first to hear once things are all sorted. But whilst everything has been so busy poor old me has caught the dreaded cold that has been going around. It's not a too bad a case I have to admit but I have still been feeling a bit sorry for myself. Well at least I treated myself to a bit of crafting today..back to the grind stone now though, hom hum!!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I need help!

Yesterday I went into Newcastle to drive Ian to his Eye appointment at the hospital. Whilst he was getting poked and prodded I took at little trip to a few shops which of course included a few that sell craft stash. I ended up buying nine sets of brads..and when I got home I thought 'you know I think I have a few boxes of brads already..' OMG I have over 35 boxes of brads, giant ones, tiny ones, matt, shiny, ones you can tie ribbon through and on..infact I think I have at least one of every brad that is available at the moment in the developed world!! I have always loved brads and find that I can't walk past any that I see but, I didn't realise how much I liked them!! But the worst of it is..I find myself not using my brads when I am making a card because then I wont have them in my stash anymore! I need help... seriously so, I have set myself a task. From now on I have to resist buying anymore brads until I have made even a slight dent in my collection and I have to use at least one brad each card creation. It's going to be really tough..but I can do it..I have the power!
Here's a picture I took this morning of just few of my collection of brads... now I have to look at my Prima Flower collection. I have a feeling that I am going to find the same problem there too!!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

The madness never ends!

The show on Ideal World went great yesterday and I'd like to thank all my lovely customers and friends (real and virtual!) who were so supportive and complimentary. Funky Seasons sold out after about 25 mins which was a big surprise to me (it's available on my website still..just Ideal World stock sold out not all of mine!!) and then the other two were flying out too! When we got home last night after the 4 hour drive back to Newcastle Ian and I were both done in but once we were in the house our friends wouldn't let us stay in..we went out to our favourite local pub and had a meal and I drank rather alot of my favourite tipple Cherry Beer to celebrate a successful day!

I have been working on my next CD for while now and I am hoping to have it ready to launch at the Craft,Hobby & Stitch International trade show at the NEC in Feb. I still have a few things to finalise but I thought I would give you a sneak preview of a couple of the papers that will be available on it. I'm looking forward to making some sample cards with these ones as soon as I have got everything else out of the way!

Well I had best get back to processing orders, I'll be back when I have something new to share with you.


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