Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I need help!

Yesterday I went into Newcastle to drive Ian to his Eye appointment at the hospital. Whilst he was getting poked and prodded I took at little trip to a few shops which of course included a few that sell craft stash. I ended up buying nine sets of brads..and when I got home I thought 'you know I think I have a few boxes of brads already..' OMG I have over 35 boxes of brads, giant ones, tiny ones, matt, shiny, ones you can tie ribbon through and on..infact I think I have at least one of every brad that is available at the moment in the developed world!! I have always loved brads and find that I can't walk past any that I see but, I didn't realise how much I liked them!! But the worst of it is..I find myself not using my brads when I am making a card because then I wont have them in my stash anymore! I need help... seriously so, I have set myself a task. From now on I have to resist buying anymore brads until I have made even a slight dent in my collection and I have to use at least one brad each card creation. It's going to be really tough..but I can do it..I have the power!
Here's a picture I took this morning of just few of my collection of brads... now I have to look at my Prima Flower collection. I have a feeling that I am going to find the same problem there too!!


  1. LOL, I have the exact same problem.. mine also extends to buttons, blooms and ribbons!! I also promised myself that I wouldn't buy anymore until I've used what I've already got.. but I'm still not sure I'll be able to use them :D

    Your new papers look gorgeous!!

  2. I thought it was just me! I also have a thing about ribbon too. Especially when it comes with a beautiful box of chocolates heheheh!!

  3. lol Anice!!! Good luck in using all those gorgeous brads... I have the same problem with papers but I've become very good and use most of them up... I'm still waiting for hubby to buy some cartridges for the printer!!! :o(

    Hope you're feeling better too! :oD

    Hugs xxx

  4. Oh that made me chuckle ^,^
    I'm very much like that too!!

  5. Anonymous11:40 pm

    LOL - I can relate to that!! I do it with ribbons too! :)


  6. I' the same. I find it so hard using up craft stash that i love. I get more benefit from looking and stroking them than flogging them on a card for a quid or two. Think all us crafters are the same.........lol.


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