Tuesday, 22 January 2008

We've been busy!

Finally we have launched downloads on Funky Hand.com Since we upgraded the website in November it has always been the plan to make downloads available so I am pleased to say that the first stage of our download evolution is now live.

In November I relaunched the last three of my CDs It's Funky Too, Funky Seasons and V Funky these CDs were all updated with additional extras and paper designs that were not on the originals. I was always aware that there were customers out there who had got the original versions of the CDs and now were missing out on the new stuff so.. the first downloads available are all the additional items that were added to the three CDs. So if you have the first editions of any of the three CDs you can download the other items available on the updated versions here now.

The plan is that over the next few months I will be releasing collections of Funky Hand papers that are not available on any CDs.All download collections will be completely separate and exclusive from my CD collections. I'm hoping that these collections will fill the gaps for my customers whilst I am working on future CD collections. I get so many emails asking when the next CD is coming out (you know who you are!!) that I have realised that downloads of new collections more regularly might just keep you happy! So if you like CD collections to savour or you prefer the instant hit of a download, Funky Hand will soon be able to offer you your choice. Gosh, I sound like an advert for a range of coffees!!

Right enough of that I have card demos to design for my appearance on Ideal World on Friday (nothing like leaving everything to the last moment eh!?) best get back to it.

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  1. Whhhaaayyyyy!!! I have Funky Females and Funky Fellas (Crimbo pressies) and need more!!

    And will watch you online on Friday!! Good luck!


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