Monday, 21 January 2008

An age since I blogged again..

Life here at Funky Hand Towers does not get any quieter now the new year is short notice I have agreed to guest present on another Ideal World craft hour so you can see my ugly mug again on Friday 25th January at 11am. Making a few cards and showing you my three latest CDs again.

With getting the order together for Ideal World, trying to pull together new card demos, completing the designs for my new CD and getting ready for the trade show next month..the house, never mind my craft room, looks like a bomb has hit it!
You know what the saddest thing is about all of this to me is? I bought a Bind it all over a week ago and I haven't even had the thing out of the box..I have such plans for the great projects I am going to create with it..but no time to even read the instructions..if you don't believe me take a look at the disaster that is my crafting room

and there sat right in the middle is my lovely new Bind it all. Life just isn't fair!!

Looking out of my office window I now see that it has started to snow..yuk..I hate snow. At least the thought of venturing outside into the real world isn't that appealing now, nothing to stop me getting on with my mountain of work!! Except chatting to you of course! Until next time!


  1. Poor you Anice... Hope you find time to play with your new bind it all soon and looking forward to seeing what you're going to create with it! ;oD

    Big hugs xxx

  2. Either you are not showing the worst bits or your idea of untidy is not the same as mine! I would be too embarrassed to show my mess atm. Plans to tidy up v. soon.


  3. osh Anice, mine looks like that at it's best!! :))

  4. I have to admit that that picture is only one side of my's the better side actually!! When Ian saw your comments about it not being that bad he couldn't believe it! I reminded him that not everyone are clean freaks like included!!
    Anice xx


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