Saturday, 26 January 2008

Wow! Nightmare journey home yesterday!

We travelled back from Ideal World in Peterborough yesterday after the show and the A1 was closed in a couple of sections because the wind had blown lorries over..eek! So Ian and I had to try to get home a different way, but as the A1 is pretty much the only road going North it was terrible. The journey usually takes about 3 1/2 hours.. we were travelling for 6 hours. I was so tired when we finally arrived home I couldn't even be bothered to eat.. now that is not me!!

The craft show went well yesterday, Dean the presenter with me was a madman but a very funny one! We were laughing all morning before and after the show! Thank you to everyone who sent in emails..I have to admit I tend to forget that people are actually watching (Helps with the nerves!) but it's really great to get messages and such complimentary ones about my products really made my day!

I thought I would share the cards that I made on the show yesterday here as I had to steam through them and I don't think you get that much of a good look. The first one I made...

This card is made with papers and toppers from my V. Funky CD Then next I demonstrated making was this one...

It was made with papers from my CD Funky Seasons
and finally this was the third demo I did..

This card was made with papers and extras from It's Funky Too

The jobs for today are piled up to the ceiling so I have to get back to work. My biggest job is getting my new CD finished off and I am pleased to say I have finally decided on a name for it... drum roll... 'Now that's Funky' crossed fingers it should be available in Mid to late February, but not if I don't get back to work finishing it!!


  1. I always seem to miss your shows but I managed to catch the show yesterday. You were fab and I love your down to earth personality and gorgeous cards. Hope to see you on C&C again soon.

    Anna xx

  2. Anice, those cards Rock and so do your papers and so do you...

    Looking forward to your next show on tv! ;oD

    Big hugs xxx

  3. Well done on your show! Shame about the journey but good to know that you are safe and sound.


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