Thursday, 28 March 2013

It's SALE time and you could also win a prize !

It's a nice long Easter weekend so we have decided that you all deserve a nice long Funky Hand SALE!

The Funky Hand SALE on our website is now on. There are great discounts on every item for sale so, go and grab yourself an Easter bargain. 

As well as a SALE going on we also have an added bit of extra fun for you this Easter.  We are having our first Easter Egg Hunt. There are prizes to be won, Two fabby Thorntons Easter eggs are waiting as first prizes for two lucky winners and there a five prizes of £5.00 vouchers off Funky Hand downloads for the runners up.

It's very simple to enter, somewhere on the Funky Hand website from today Friday 29th March until midnight Monday 1st April there will be a picture of a collection of Easter Eggs, they could be anywhere so you need to search every page.  Once you have found the Easter Egg image just click on it and you will be taken to a new page where you can enter your details to be put in the draw for the prizes.  The Easter Eggs will move to a different page each day over the weekend so you need to come back each day and search again!  The more days you hunt for the Eggs the more chances you have of winning one of the prizes. You can only enter once per day, if you enter your details more than once each day only one of them will be entered into the draw.

So, there are two reasons to visit the Funky Hand website over this Easter weekend. Great SALE prices and a chance to hunt Easter Eggs all weekend and be in with a chance to win PRIZES.

Happy Hunting!
Anice xx 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Lots of lovely new downloads!

I'm really pleased to be able to let you know that the new backing paper download 'I Love You Sew' and the seven new digital stamps that I have been hinting to you about are finally on the website

Here's a taster of them all...

This is of course the new backing paper download I Love You Sew

Here's a couple of images of the new digital stamp range I'm A Mug For You

There's a new house on Tree Stump's Number Three,

and another new collection called Large Letters, here is one of them LOVE..

There are plenty more new downloads for you to take a look at on the website, they are all very reasonably priced.  The I'm A Mug For You images are £1.29 each and the Large Letters are only 99p.  Pop over the website now to take a look or click one of the images and you will be taken right to that page.

I hope you like the new downloads.  We have alot of new items and ideas that we are working on in the Garden Studio at the moment.  So, many my poor brain can hardly keep track!  As always I will keep you informed all the way..

Speak again very soon
Anice xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

A special day for us..

This post isn't about crafting but as this is my personal blog as well as about Funky Hand I wanted to post about something special. We have had our rescue dog Travis for one year today!

This picture is him a few days after he came to live with us, and he looks the same today!  I have to admit that I didn't consider myself a dog person.  I'd owned a cat many years ago when I was single and she was super easy to look after... but a dog?  Ian really wanted a dog so, I decided that we should give it a go.  We searched and searched all the shelters, near and far, for weeks looking for the 'right' dog.  Then we met 'Chester' as he was called then.  The people who had given him up had left no information about him at all, we didn't even know how old he was but, he seemed to have been looked after OK, he had a micro chip etc.  He seemed to like us, even though he was very very scared in the shelter, and we liked him.  So, he came home. We changed his name to Travis, he never answered to Chester, so maybe that was a made up name?? and started getting to know each other.  He is a Border Collie/Black Labrador mix so that means he's really clever but also pretty mad!!

Things I have learned in the last year:
  • Don't worry about trying to keep hair off the carpets/sofa/clothes all the time. It's never going to happen.
  • You do get over being licked about 10 times a day, hands and face.
  • Expect to have mud in your office & then you wont get mad.
  • Remember to look behind you regularly a dog can be very quiet when he thinks you might be going to do something interesting, actually it doesn't even have to be interesting! 
  • There is more to life than working all the time.
  • I didn't realise that I could love an animal so much and receive that love right back.

So, that's the end of my post. I just wanted to mark this day on my blog so I could look back at in the future and you could know a little about my life outside of the Funky Hand walls.

I promise I'll be back with crafty fun next time..infact it will be very soon. There could be some new digital stamps and a download ready for release if I remember correctly ! :)

Big love
Anice xx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Mothers day..better late than never!

Well, it's been a while since I spoke to you.  But at last I have something to share with you.  Mothers Day was a little while ago and I was able to fit in making cards for my Mom and Ian's Mum.  I thought I'd share Ian's Mums card with you Mums will have to wait as I made it with a yet to be released backing paper download and digital stamp!  They will be available pretty soon so I'll show you my make then..

Anyway, back to the Mothers Day card I can share with you..

I decided to make this card pretty clean and simple so I only used a backing paper from my Colour Me Happy Papercraft Factory CD as a layer behind the image which is the Flower Cake download available on

I had a dig through a bit of my large amount of craft stash and found an old favourite of mine that haven't seen the light of day for a while Prima Flowers.  I used to add these to every card I made and I have no idea why I stopped!  I didn't use brads to fasten the flowers to the card but stuck them down using PVA glue and then added buttons and flat backed pearls as centers.

Here is a closer look at the topper..

I coloured the Flower Cake digital stamp with Letraset Promarkers and Metallic pens.  I'm still working on my colouring abilities but it came out OK. The little banner on the cake is great for adding little messages, just leaving blank or colouring.

I've been trying to get back into the swing of making cards so hopefully you wont be waiting to hear from me again for as long as this time!  

I can let you know that we have something special planned for the Easter Holiday on the website so I'll definitely be back before then to give you all the details.

Speak again very soon.
Anice xx


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