Thursday, 27 July 2006

Anyone else suffer from the call of the craft shop??
Today I popped into my local craft shop to pick up a birthday gift for my mom, shes a big crafter so it's a nice simple choice that she will like! But that doesn't give me licence to empty my bank account does it?? I can't just go in get what I went for and walk out..oh no. I have to examine all the new stock (putting it in my basket as I go) it's got so that the assistant sees me coming and walks round the shop with me pointing out new items, she knows a good sale when she sees one! I have a trade account there because of but the discount I get should be the amount that I have spent in total...not the discount amount! Oh well, I had best get onto making some cards with all this new stuff to justify the cost before Ian gets home!!
Speak soon
Anice xx

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.. everything is so busy here at Funky Hand, I have had card orders coming out of my ears and the new backing paper CD-rom is proving very popular! I am trying to design the christmas papers for the new xmas CD rom, make cards and keep on top of all the paperwork and meetings etc! Goodness it's harder than when I worked for someone else! I am not complaining though and I would like to thank everyone who has been ordering from me.. please get intouch after you have recieved your CD's and give me any feedback that you would like to give. Its the only way for me to learn exactly what my customers like or don't!
Another thing that has been causing stress here is that we have moved over to a new broadband provider..they told us that 'the change would be seamless..' why do we fall for these lies every time? Yesterday I had no broadband all day as our old service was turned off but the new one wasn't switched on..the company didn't think it was important to keep us informed about what was happening.. poor Ian was on the phone for over two hours last night trying to get an answer to out problems..lucky for me he knows more about getting things set up that the rubbish call centre staff he was trying to talk to, so I have connection today.. still waiting for a call from one of their managers. Think I will be waiting forever, not holding my breath! OK rant over!! Have a great day

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Just a quick message today.. I am up to my eyes in card orders today! Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining of course but having been away all weekend and only getting back late yeserday afternoon I feel like I have so much to do to catch up with everything, and to top it all I think I have caught a cold! Poor's not nice having a cold at the best of times but I am finding having one when it's 30 degrees and I have 20 odd cards to create rather..testing!!!
Anyway I had best stop finding other things to posting on my blog and get on with some work!!
Anice x

Friday, 14 July 2006

What a beautiful morning!
The sun is shining so brightly through my office window I can hardly see the screen on this computer.. Yesterday I didn't stop all day, I had a great meeting with my business advisor and now I am full of enthusiasum for getting on with the new business. But I finally made time to actually sit down and make some cards..not for an order but just for fun! I had forgotten how much fun it is to make cards just for the hell of it not because someone has asked you to make one. It was great..I went through my vast collection of stamps and embellishments and found things I didn't even remember buying! I am sure you crafters out there know exactly what I am talking about! I have attached a couple of my creations here for you to have a look at, the backing papers are my own designs from my 'The Funky One' CD rom (available from and the stamps are Hampton arts and inca stamps. I have gone mad with the twinkling H20's on both of these cards which are my current favourites. I can't stop buying them! They are everywhere all over my crafting room! I am not a tidy crafter so really today I should tidy up.. but I might just sit in the garden in this great weather with my laptop and design some more Xmas backing papers for my new CD..though I doubt many winter inspired designs will come to mind.. would anyone be interested in summery xmas designs??? I doubt it! So, best get on with everything..going to Birmngham to visit my parents tonight and then on to visit Ians brother and family in Lyneham for the weekend so I have loads to do to pack.. but the sun is calling me!
Anice x

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

So much for my good intentions! I intended to post here everyday and two days in and I have already missed a day..should have know! I am enjoying the fact that I am not having to work flat out all the time designing papers and getting everything ready for the launch of the CD, but I will have to get back to it soon as the Christmas Backing papers wont make themselves! The weather isn't helping either, it has been so hot and hazy here I really don't want to be bothered with doing anything with a Xmas theme!! I am not a Geordie but having lived here in Newcastle for 12 years I am used to the weather up here being mostly grey..this hot weather is doing me in! Not that Birmingham where I am from is a tropical island (ha!). The Sky+ version of tonights Big Brother is calling so I best be going. Hopefully I will have more exciting news tomorrow ..if I keep to my 'once a day post' intentions.

Sunday, 9 July 2006

Ahh the end of the world cup..
I don't know about you but this world cup seems to have been on the TV for months even though I know it's only been a few weeks! I thought I would take the opportunity to write here again during the second half whilst Ian is shouting at the TV and generally enjoying himself! What have you been upto today? Something interesting I hope..I have just worked again! I have created a new set of papers for my Christmas CD so that was a positive thing..slowly I am inching towards completing it. I was also looking into craft fairs today..goodness there is alot to think about when you are deciding where to showcase your designs. It will all be worth it in the end I am sure. Tommorrow I think I am going to set aside some time to make some sample cards using my background papers. I haven't just sat down and made cards for ages..just for fun, rather than to fulfil an order. I'm looking forward to it already! I will post anything decent that I come up with here tomorrow, there, that gives me an incentive to get crafting. Not that I really need one! Enjoy your Sunday evening..

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Hello and welcome to my corner of the web!
Well, I have to say this is a bit of a strange experience for me, putting my thoughts out there for other people to read. At the moment all my thoughts are focused totally on The website only went live on Thursday but we have been working towards it for months..feels like years since we just sat down and watched TV without it being 11pm and we haven't stopped all night. Ian (my web geek partner, you'll hear more of him in the future!) designing and creating the website whilst I frantically sit at the laptop downstairs designing backing papers in order that we actually have something to sell!!
Crafting, card making etc have been my obsession for the last year, but it wasn't always like that.. but that is a story for another time..maybe! For now I think just welcoming you is enough, we can get to know each other slowly I think. Now I think I am going to be completely reckless, stop work, go downstairs and watch Big Brother!


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