Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.. everything is so busy here at Funky Hand, I have had card orders coming out of my ears and the new backing paper CD-rom is proving very popular! I am trying to design the christmas papers for the new xmas CD rom, make cards and keep on top of all the paperwork and meetings etc! Goodness it's harder than when I worked for someone else! I am not complaining though and I would like to thank everyone who has been ordering from me.. please get intouch after you have recieved your CD's and give me any feedback that you would like to give. Its the only way for me to learn exactly what my customers like or don't!
Another thing that has been causing stress here is that we have moved over to a new broadband provider..they told us that 'the change would be seamless..' why do we fall for these lies every time? Yesterday I had no broadband all day as our old service was turned off but the new one wasn't switched on..the company didn't think it was important to keep us informed about what was happening.. poor Ian was on the phone for over two hours last night trying to get an answer to out problems..lucky for me he knows more about getting things set up that the rubbish call centre staff he was trying to talk to, so I have connection today.. still waiting for a call from one of their managers. Think I will be waiting forever, not holding my breath! OK rant over!! Have a great day

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