Saturday, 8 July 2006

Hello and welcome to my corner of the web!
Well, I have to say this is a bit of a strange experience for me, putting my thoughts out there for other people to read. At the moment all my thoughts are focused totally on The website only went live on Thursday but we have been working towards it for months..feels like years since we just sat down and watched TV without it being 11pm and we haven't stopped all night. Ian (my web geek partner, you'll hear more of him in the future!) designing and creating the website whilst I frantically sit at the laptop downstairs designing backing papers in order that we actually have something to sell!!
Crafting, card making etc have been my obsession for the last year, but it wasn't always like that.. but that is a story for another time..maybe! For now I think just welcoming you is enough, we can get to know each other slowly I think. Now I think I am going to be completely reckless, stop work, go downstairs and watch Big Brother!

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