Thursday, 27 July 2006

Anyone else suffer from the call of the craft shop??
Today I popped into my local craft shop to pick up a birthday gift for my mom, shes a big crafter so it's a nice simple choice that she will like! But that doesn't give me licence to empty my bank account does it?? I can't just go in get what I went for and walk out..oh no. I have to examine all the new stock (putting it in my basket as I go) it's got so that the assistant sees me coming and walks round the shop with me pointing out new items, she knows a good sale when she sees one! I have a trade account there because of but the discount I get should be the amount that I have spent in total...not the discount amount! Oh well, I had best get onto making some cards with all this new stuff to justify the cost before Ian gets home!!
Speak soon
Anice xx

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  1. omg cardmaking is SO addictive! I recently quit smoking and love keeping my hands busy....but I'm wondering if the $140 (CDN) dollars I spent smoking may be less than what I now spend at craft shops!!! LOL... at least a paper cut won't kill me! Your cards are fantastic by the way.... I may need to sell mine in order to keep the repo man away from my rubber stamp collection! -Leanne in Toronto, Canada


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