Monday, 13 April 2009

Find that craft stash where ever it is hiding!

Now I don't want you to think that I'm losing it a bit today with this post by putting up a picture of a ,well it has to be said, nasty old slipper! That is a picture of one of my old pair of slippers which I have finally replaced with a lovely new squeaky clean pair. The reason I am sharing my 'work shoes'(err that is an old joke here in Funky Hand Towers because I work from home so my 'work shoes' are my slippers..Ian is just jealous!!) with you is because in these days where we are all having to pick and choose carefully where we spend our craft stash money there can be wonderful stash found in the most unlikely of places.

These slippers were covered in just loads of lovely tiny little pink beads, with a sharp pair of scissors I sat this afternoon at my craft desk and carefully cut them all off. I couldn't believe how many there were on them..

I filled a whole bead tub with them! Expect to see a lot of pink beads on my creations over the next few months. This isn't the first time I've salvaged stash from my outgoing old slippers..the pair before this were covered in heart shaped buttons and they were very handy at Valentines! So my message to you today is..before you throw out any piece of clothing, no matter how yucky!, take a little look at what is decorating it there's usually some lovely button, bead or other sort of decorative item that will sit very happily on your next crafty creation!

Talking of saving a bit of money I want to remind you that the Easter Sale on my website where you can grab 15% off everything in the store ends tonight (Monday 13th April) at 10pm so get over there before then and grab yourself a bargain.

I'll be back very soon to tell you all about my new CD release 'Funky Word Books' and details of the live show on Ideal World Shopping Channel where it is going to be launched at the end of the month.
Speak again soon.
Anice xx


  1. You do that as well? I'm so glad it isn't just me! I salvage EVERYTHING! My OH now shows me everything before throwing it away just in case I want to use it for something!

    But the worst thing is (and this is a confession) that I look out for buttons when I'm out and about! You would not believe how many buttons litter the streets of London! (Ok - starting to sound like a mad old lady now!) I do wash them - honest :)

  2. wow what a great idea Anice and aren't they yummy....can't wait to see what you make with to search the wardrobe. Hugs Kath xxxx

  3. OMG i do this all the time, even to brand new ones, i recycle lots and i tend to only buy things i know i can use lol...

    Have a great Monday hugs Pops x x x

  4. wow, would you look at all those beads from your slippers!!! what a great idea xxxx

  5. I sent a massive box of stuff to the charity shop last week.......didn't think to check it first, but i will in future! Great beads and what a gorgeous colour!!

    carol x

  6. Hehehehe! And the ribbon bits from inside of jumpers and tops!!

    Fantastic - and a lot of patience too!


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