Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Thank you everyone!

Wow what a day I had yesterday, we travelled to the Ideal World studios in the morning (they are in Peterborough so it's a 3 1/2 hour drive from here in Newcastle..phew and what a dull road the A1 is!!) and ended up having a fantastic show as we sold out of all the Ideal World stock on air of my new craft CD release Funky Word Books!

I wanted to say a very big thank you to my fantastic Design Team members who made such amazing samples of all the word books. I don't know what I would do without them now as they are not just a Design Team but also wonderful and supportive friends. (Big kiss to you all!!) I'd also like to thank all my wonderful customers as well who either purchased the CD from Ideal World or are patiently waiting to buy it from my website when it is official released for sale on there on Monday 11th May. I really appreciate all your kind emails and support..I'm sure I don't deserve it, but I appreciate it all the same.

I'm sorry if you emailed into Ideal World yesterday during the show, I know there were alot of messages received but the show was so busy the producer couldn't fit any of them in! But thank you anyway for taking the time to send the messages.

I'm feeling pretty tired today and I'll be packing orders most of this afternoon but a nice cup of tea and the TV on will help pass the time as I do them!

Have a great day whatever you are upto.
Anice xx


  1. Brilliant show Anice....wowee a sell out..no surprise there as it's fab...thanks for your lovely kind words and have a relaxing day..you so deserve it.....Big Hugs.....kath xxxxx

  2. Anice, what a lovely show. I taped it and watched it last night when everyone was in bed. No CD for me so I'll have to wait until you get some as I use my Funky Hands Funky Daze CD sooooooooo much. I did message you with a request after getting the Funky Hands CD but didn't hear anything but I feel like my question I posed was already answered as I had done two word books by then and I had same papers next door to one another and wondered if when you did another one it could all have different papers - well my wish has been granted. Congratulations on your sell-out - not surprising really - and congratulations to all those lucky ladies who got to make the samples as they were wonderful. Best wishes, Kym xxx

  3. Congrats on a fab show & a sell out - I didn't get my order in on time! So will be ordering from the website, it looks like a fab CD.

    Jan x

  4. Hi Anice. What a great show - ordered mine and looking forward to the new designs, was hoping there would be more choice for the letters and not dissappointed. Well done. Love the new hairdo!!

  5. Congratulations on the sellout ... CDROM looks great but I so wish the presenters on C&C would stop talking long enough to let us see more demonstrations. Sales got off to a good start so it looked likely to be a sellout so why didn't Denice just step back and let us do what we had tuned in for ... watch the demonstrations ... How many did we get? one I think and I'm sure you had more planned.

  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    well done lass!!

    corrina x

  7. Congratulations Anice! You produce such fantastic quality designs and the colours are always so perfectly put together. You deserve all your success!

    Hope you get chance to put your feet up today at some point.

    Jozza xxx

  8. Carol5:14 pm

    Well done Anice, waiting to order from you, can we pre order?

  9. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Hi Annice
    Congratulations on the sell out, I'm really pleased for you. You work very hard and you deserve lots of success. Really enjoyed the show, and have ordered my copy which I can't wait to receive. Don't work too hard, and well done again.

    Kim xx

  10. Knew you'd be a total success!! And a big kiss back at ya!!!

    They were fab samples cos we had fab papers to work with!!

  11. woohoo on the sell out but not in the least surprised the CD's are so wonderful and easy to work with- kisses back- and your new ring looked good on the tv oh and your lovely new hair too

  12. Anonymous9:51 am

    I just loved the show, and can't wait to order from you direct. Wish I had such talents as yourself, and your design team, I am working on it however! Take care, and keep twittering!

  13. Well done with the show - you'll have to have a rest soon :)

  14. Suzi B11:16 pm

    What a great show Anice.. I ordered the Cd & waiting in hot anticipation for it to arrive .
    Sue B

  15. You were fab on the show Anice....all the samples looked great, but then why wouldn't they....the raw materials are so brilliant to work with :)
    I hope you have plenty of stock coming in for the website, i think you are going to be bombarded with orders!!!

    carol x


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