Thursday, 2 April 2009

All aboard for the business awards!

Well, I'm getting a bit nervous now..the tickets have all arrived and tomorrow night we are off the the North Tyneside Small Business Awards to see if I have been lucky enough to not only be short listed for an award (which I'm already pretty pleased about) but actually win something. It can be a pretty lonely life sitting here in my little office day after day, doing a job that I love granted, but still on my own quite a bit so it's very nice to get the opportunity to treat my best mates to a slap up night out and perhaps be recognised for all the hard work I put into running Funky Hand each day. Obviously it's also a good excuse to get my hair done and have a little visit to the beauticians so that's where I've been this afternoon getting my eyebrow made into two separate ones again and getting a lovely young lass to tidy up my tatty old nails so I don't look like I've been tending the garden with my bare hands anymore!

I'm please to let you know as well that my new CD release is now safely in the hands of the manufacturers and my fabby design team have got their hands on it as well. They have all started creating some wonderful crafty creations with it already! I can't wait to share everything they come up with with you. I'll be back in the near future to give you more information about the CD release date and some other snipits of news about the Funky Hand website.

Over the weekend I'll pop back and let you know how I did at the never know there might even be some photos to show you what sort of time we had. Wish me luck..I think I'll need it!!

Anice xx


  1. Ah so that is why you were getting your nails done. I saw your tweet earlier :) Good Luck Anice and enjoy yourself :) Kim

  2. Good Luck at the awards ceremony. Don't know who you are up against but your designs are great (I've get a few of your CDRom's) so you must stand a good chance of winning. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Lynn x

  3. congrats on the win - richly deserved!

    hugs jane x

  4. oh good luck Anice at the if I was a would definitely be the winner.....Hugs Kath xxxxx

  5. All the best at the Awards Ceremony, you certainly deserve to win IMO

    Jan xx

  6. the best of luck and you more than deserve to win


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