Tuesday, 22 August 2006

This weekend Ian has been away at the V Festival so I have had the first weekend on my own in the house for ages. It was great! I was out and about with my friend Lisa on Saturday and we ended up eating for England! After lunch and a bit of shopping we then had a cream tea with the biggest cream scones I have ever seen..they were wonderful!
On Saturday night we watched chick flicks and generally had a nice 'girlie' evening. With everything going on with Funky Hand Digital I just haven't had time to really relax and enjoy my friends company. After this weekend I think I am going to have to remember there is more to life than work.. (but not more than crafting of course!!) and try to relax more. Oh and I also have to start a diet..I felt those cakes going on to my large enough already hips before I had finished them!!
Anice x

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