Saturday, 24 November 2007

Wow! What a couple of days!!

If you didn't already know I had my first experience of appearing on Create and Craft shopping channel on Thursday morning!! I am told it went I can't bring myself to watch more than a couple of mins of it I wouldn't know! It was a mad day, we were up at 5am and at the studio for 7am. The time flew by till 9am and we went live. It seemed like about 10 mins rather 60 and then it was all over!

Here I am about an hour after we had finished just as we were about to start the four hour trek back to Newcastle.

I want to thank everyone who has been so brilliant whilst I have been preparing for this show. Samm and Shirley (Hi Mom I know you will read this!!) for their fantastic cards. I could never have made enough in the time..or them be as good as yours are!
The brill buyers at Ideal world..poor Amanda has had to put up with alot more from me than she should have!! and of course Ian, who is NOT my husband no matter what you hear on television, who I couldn't have even started to think about this company but for his technical know how but more than that his total support.
I also want to thank all my fantastic 'virtual' friends on all the forums who have been so positive and just great when I was feeling like everything wouldn't come together. Virtual or not you are really mates!
Finally I want to thank all my customers past and future who make this job a pleasure because you are all so enthusiastic about your craft.

Right that's the end of the oscar speech I promise! I have some serious work to get done today but tonight I am going out to dinner with all my friends because tomorrow is my birthday..oh no 39 has come around so fast!!


  1. You were absolutely brilliant! I watched the show and would never have guessed it was your first time. Well done! Enjoy your dinner out tonight.

  2. I watched the show and you were fab!!! I absolutely adore the v and season funky cds!!! Enjoy your night out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!!

    Isa x

  3. Tip Top7:32 pm

    I've watched it twice - once on t'internet then last night when it was re-run. You were totally fab!! Really natural! Well done!

  4. Well done you, sorry I missed your show... I have ordered my second disc from you now though! Can't wait to play and show you the results ;-)


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