Thursday, 1 November 2007

Well so much for blogging every day this week!

Sorry I missed a post yesterday, things were just mad here and I didn't realise that I hadn't written anything until I was going to bed!

With the end of the month has come the end of my competition with Card Making and Papercraft magazine. I had hundreds of entries.. 777 to be exact! How amazing is that? I have drawn the eleven lucky winners so their prizes will be in the post next week. Pictures of me picking them out will be posted later in the week when I have worked out how to use the new camera!!

I have been working away on getting ready for Monday all day again, but I did get to make some cards and I thought I would share this one with I haven't had any to show for a while.

Tomorrow I am going to have an early birthday pressie from Ians parents, a luxury manicure..looking down at my nails at the moment I think the beautician will need to be a miracle worker to get them in any decent state !

Well until tomorrow...


  1. Lovely card. Enjoy your manicure.

  2. Tip Top7:09 pm

    OOOOhhhhh! Is that background on your new cd too?!!

  3. amanda10:57 am

    Just love the card!!! The shoes are ssssoooo gorgeous! Did the card come from one of your cds?!!


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