Monday, 5 November 2007

How embarrassing !!!

I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Peterborough waiting to head off to the TV studios for my big debut. Except I'm going to be waiting a bit longer as they've gone and postponed it! Can you believe it? 2 hours before I'm due to go on I get a phonecall delaying the show. There's nothing I can do, I have been given a new date but as you can imagine, after telling you all to look out for me today it's rather humiliating. So sorry to disappoint everyone, you're all going to have to wait until Nov 22nd @ 9am to see me.


  1. Anice, don't be embarrassed, its not your fault they have cancelled your tv debut.

    No matter when you will be on We will be there for you .

  2. Oh Anice how disappointing for you :( The rotters....and that's being polite!!!! Will put the next date in my diary and cross my fingers for you xxx

  3. Tip Top7:05 pm

    Date is in my diary!!!

  4. Arr Anice ,thats so unfair for you ,dont worry we are all still here for you dont worry ,chin up ,Dawnx

  5. Anice! sorry with what happened, how upsetting for you.

    Just to cheer you up, you've been tagged!!!LOL!!! pop on over to mine for the details!!!


  6. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Fancy cancelling at such short notice!!! No need to be embarrassed, I've made a note of the new date and will be watching.:)



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