Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Phew! This last week has been hard work!

Since my appearance on Create and Craft my website has been mad with orders and I was completely unprepared for the overload!! All the orders are completely up to date and in the post now so if you are one of my customers and have been waiting for your order..please accept my grovelling apologies for your wait. I promise that I will be better prepared next time. I've already started..I have 3000 jiffy bags being delivered this afternoon! Where, you might ask are you going to store 30 boxes? Well my lovely Smart Roadster has been thrown out in the cold on the street and they are going in the garage. My Smart wont like that as it's used to being safe and warm..but needs must!
On the life front (as I haven't had much of one for about two months) I can finally start looking forward to Christmas with my parents. Last year we went on a Caribbean cruise for Christmas and while it was very glamorous and great fun to be with our friends..I did miss the whole Christmas tinsel thing! So this year I intend to get an overload of sparkle and Christmas songs. Ian really doesn't like all the Christmas stuff but I love it! My big problem now is that I haven't even started making any Christmas cards never mind Christmas gift shopping.. I think I have my work cut out for me over the next few weeks. So it looks like the hard work isn't over yet!!


  1. Hi, I was one of those customers who ordered the day you were on the Create and craft channel and i recieved my CD today, with much glee! I ordered Funky too and i'm well impressed! I like buying CDs as it is very cost effective as I run my own craft group. So a big thank you for your wonderful designs that i know my group members will love to work with!

  2. Wow - that's a lot of jiffy bags! Well done for getting all the orders.

  3. Wow how many bags ,thats brilliant just shows how much they love your cd's Dawnx


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