Sunday, 25 November 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well that terrible time of year has come around again..I'm one year older ! Last night I went out for meal with a gang of my pals and whilst the company was great the service at the restaurant left a little to be desired! I have to admit though as they sold Cherry beer I can't remember too much of it! Here are a few pics of my birthday night out...

Yes I am afraid in the last photo I was trying for the Victoria Beckham 'pout' look and I think I pulled it off!! Ian disagrees but I thought I'd add it here for the laugh!!
I had some great pressies this morning, my favourite being a new left handed keyboard which I am using this moment to write this blog!! Thanks Ian! Unfortunately it hasn't been a fun filled day as I have had loads and loads of orders since my appearance on Create and Craft and they all needed processing, so that was my day today..Oh well who said being self employed would be a bed of roses??!!


  1. Happy Birthday. Lovely photos, including the VB pout!

  2. Happy birthday and the pout looks fab!! :)

  3. Tip Top7:19 pm

    Happy Birthday!
    You look like you had a good time and well done on all the orders!!

  4. Happy birthday ,hope you had a good one lol,Dawnx


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