Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sorry it's been so long...

Once again I have been side tracked by my work from posting on my blog so it's been ages since I updated you on anything I have been doing. Well, work really that's about it! Not particularly interesting for a blog entry I know!!
Everything is in place for my appearance on Create and Craft on Thursday (Thursday Favourites 9am, Channel 661)so I am crossing my fingers that it all goes ahead this time!!
Today I am visiting the hairdresser again to get my roots done. It's such a pain having to have my hair coloured every four weeks, but I should be used to it by now I have been grey since I was thirteen (yes, thats 13 years old!) so thats a few years of colouring!! Most people see grey hair as a sign that they are getting older..it's just always been part of my life, thanks Mom and Dad for giving me 'grey early' genes!! Though I have to admit I am getting older now.. it's my birthday on Sunday and I'm going to be 39. Oh dear, I always thought that by this age I would be a stylish older woman who oozed confidence and wore classy clothes... nope I am still me, sitting here in my scruffy PJ's covered in glitter! Oh well best get dressed to go the hairdressers. The best thing about my hairdressers is that they have all the trashy Celeb mags, that I look down on as 'rubbish' out here but love to read when I am covered in brown hair dye with a plastic bag over my hair!! How strange is life!


  1. Look forward to seeing you on TV on Thursday - there won't be a grey hair in sight! Have fun at the hairdressers - enjoy reading about the celebs!

  2. Enjoy your pampering session, I will look forward to seeing you on C&C this week.


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