Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!

As usual I'm here apologising for not blogging often enough..but please forgive me as I have been working on some really cool new stuff for Funky Hand and hopefully you will really like the new things we will be bringing you in the New Year.

I have been able to squeeze in a little card making, not enough to fuel my crafting needs I have to admit :( but 'thems' the breaks when you start a craft business rather than being a crafter.

Vic, my friend and one half of the lovely newly wed couple I told you about a few posts back, had a birthday recently so I grabbed my Papercraft Factory CD Happy Happy Birthday and made this simple but effective birthday card..

I was trying to be clever using her age '28' and adding one of the sentiment digital stamps on the CD that rhymed .. Vic as usual was not that impressed!  It looks as though the number 8 isn't coloured in but here's a close up to show you that it has coloured sprinkles!

Ok, that's the recent 'very quick' card making I have had time to do, but I am planning a new improved card making and blogging schedule right at this moment so you should hear from me and see lots more crafting from me very soon.

Before I go I wanted to fill you in on my crafty companion here in the Garden Studio every day.  A while back you may remember seeing a picture and post about Ian and I getting a black Lab puppy called Hugo.  Well, unfortunately Hugo didn't live with us for very long, it's a long a sad tale which I'm not going to bother you with.

After Hugo, I was rather reluctant to take on another dog but Ian is a country boy and loves the great outdoors.  We have some amazing woodland and wildlife reservations in short walking distances from our house now, and Ian really wanted a dog to go out and enjoy them of course I was persuaded.

This time we decided to find a dog we could rescue from a shelter.  We searched and searched for a couple of months until one day we came upon this sweet faced black lab/border collie cross named 'Chester'  He was so sweet we had to save him and bring him home.  As soon as he was home..Chester as a name went out of the window..he didn't even respond to it and we named him Travis.  That was last March and we haven't looked back a day since then.  He is about 18 months old now, mad as a hatter when he is chasing his favourite toy the frisbee in the fields.  He's very loving and when I have cried he tried to join in with me which in the end stopped me from crying and got me laughing instead.  He is my constant companion here in the Studio but he never touches my craft stash just plays with his toys and sleeps on his bed right by my desk, he's there right now..snoring his head off!  I thought you might like to see my little chap..well he's not that little he weighs in at 24kg, here he is waiting for me to give him his lunchtime Jumbone (you can't see his tail wagging because I'm a rubbish photographer!).. meet the new(ish) Funky Hand Gang member Travis.

Well, that's it for today I'll be back as soon as I have something interesting to say or show you.
Happy crafting!
Anice xx


  1. Super quick card, I'm always in need of those! ;)
    Aww he's a sweetie and I like the name Travis much better too! X

  2. Brilliant card Anice and I feel for you if you've had a rough time over a dog. I'm 'dogless' now as both of mine passed with old age and hubby wants a dogfree zone now!! Travis looks as though he'll be a fab companion for a long time to come. Enjoy every minute xx


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