Friday, 26 October 2012

Birthdays, birthdays everywhere..

I am rapidly heading to the busiest crafting time of my year. Everyone I know seems to have been born in November.  Even me! 

So, earlier this month I had a chance to practice my birthday card making and make a card for my friend Lisa to get me limbered up for November.

I have to admit it is not one of the most complicated cards I have ever created but I think this picture doesn't  show it in it's best light!!  Blame my poor camera work for that.

To make this pretty simple birthday card I used the workspace on my Papercraft Factory CD ROMs.  I opened up the flower backing paper design from my CD Craft The Year Away (My July Collection)  in the workspace and then changed the Papercraft Factory edition that I had open to Happy Happy Birthday.  When you do this, on opening the workspace again the backing paper is carried over.  I reduced the size of the paper and over laid the coloured bow digital stamp image resizing it until it fitted onto the backing paper just as I wanted.  I then printed it out onto to white card.  Before printing I added the Happy Birthday sentiment banner to the workspace which meant I only had to use one piece of card for all of the printed elements.

I decided to make the card a little more interesting, as the design was pretty simple, I had created the image smaller than the 6" x 6" base card I was going to stick it onto.  I glued the printed card closer to one side of the base card front and once it was attached I cut the front of the base card shorter. This showed the inside of the base card.  If you used this idea you could add a complimentary paper to the inside of the card and it would be seen.  I decided to leave it blank as I intended to bling up the front.

I covered the bow with Glossy Accents and before it started to dry sprinkled extra fine glitter over it.  The hard part was then leaving it to dry.  It's so easy to get your fingerprints on the Glossy Accents and mess it up.  Take it from me who has done that many, many times!! 

Once the Glossy Accents was completely dry, I left it over night, I added the Happy Birthday banner using foam pads.  I positioned it so it hung over the short front of the card across to the back of the base card.  I only put foam pads half way down the banner so it wouldn't stick the card together. I know that might sound obvious but I've made stupid mistakes like that in the that's just for dummies like me!!

It's a very simple card but when you don't have tons of time and you're friend isn't really one for loads of flowers etc then I think it turned out to be a good option.

Speak again soon.
Anice xx


  1. I love the simplicity of it, Anice, - it's a beautiful card x

  2. This is fab dearie.Love the glitter on the glossy accents - I've only just started using my glossy accents and love them - but I'm one of those people who are tempted to poke it - I have to give myself a talking to and walk away...Hugs Debbie x

  3. This is just a brilliant idea and I think I might have to pinch it!

  4. You are being far too kind Kathy... xx

  5. I'm with Kathy, I love it. I really must practise layering in the Workspace! xx

  6. I love glossy accents too, the colour and card is really striking.

  7. I love the way you explain how you've done everything for your card. I use cd's a lot to print everything on one level, it's easier to get things straight and the right size that way. You've got a lovely colour to the paper.
    Sue x

  8. Morning anice!
    ooooh I love this blue and blingy pressie card! its so pretty and I love the way the bow pops out at you with all that glittery shine.
    Huge hugs Lou xxx


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