Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lock all your doors...

Yes it's that time of the year again.. Halloween!  When I was a kid we didn't do anything for Halloween, that was more an American thing.  We were focusing on Bonfire Night the 5th November. Firework displays and baked potatoes cooked in the bonfire.

But these days kids and adults have really got into Halloween.  I have to admit that I'm not that bothered.  Last year, there was a stream of little children at our door and I was handing out sweeties left right and centre!  This year it's going to be a little more difficult as there will be more children (We live on new estate that is still being built so, there will be more families that have moved in since last year) and we have Travis, a rather excitable Lab cross who runs up and down the stairs barking everytime the doorbell rings. Not much fun to be had tonight in this house I think.  He is going off on a nice long walk to hopefully miss most of the visitors.  Lets hope he doesn't meet too many scary monsters on the streets!

Saying all of this I have made a Halloween card for my card of the day, couldn't really miss it could I?!

Please forgive the picture. I made it late this afternoon and the light is really bad, really early suddenly :( The paper is actually a scrap that I had left over from the Christmas card I made earlier in the week.  It's from the Oh Come All Ye Crafters Is It Xmas download collection.  The spider and web and the Boo! sentiment are digital stamps from my craft CD ROM Craft The Year Away. 

I just used plenty of black ink pad all of the card and paper and scuffed up the edges of the orange paper with one of my files.

It took a while to cut out the spider web but I like the way you can see the patterned paper through it.

I attached the spider and the Boo! sentiment to the card using 2mm foam pads so they stand off the card really nicely.

Well, that's me for today.  Whatever you are up to this evening I hope you have a great time.  Just think of me trying to calm an over excited dog and smile sweetly at children dressed as Harry Potter at my front door.

Speak again soon.
Anice xx


  1. I do like your spider, he's got a little perplexed face. Well done having the patience to cut out the spider's web, it's a great effect.

  2. Your card really made me smile. Simple, fun and so effictive. Love the cut work on the spider web! x

  3. This is fab - and the stitchery looks wonderful. Hope Travis doesn't have too trying an evening (you too for that matter!)

  4. Lol! I like your spider (but I don't like them irl) x

  5. Well done on cutting out the web, it really makes a difference to see the paper through it. again love the shadow round your wording.
    Sue x

  6. he he he he!! oooh I love it Anice!
    I hope Travis had a good walk and managed to miss the doorbell tinkling.
    Huge hugs Lou xxx

  7. This is marvellous Anice. Very spooky. Oh to have the energy of Travis...... bless.Hugs Debbie x

  8. I do have to agree with Hazel, I really do not like them in real life and often find myself squealling and darting for a shoe if I see one but yours is pretty cute (i cant believe ive just used that word to describe one of those 8-legged hairy things lol) Great card Anice, TFS. xNx

  9. It's super, those papers are my new favourite I think :) xx

  10. I have the same problem with lighting and I timed it wrong today - had everything ready then we had a hailstorm for about 10 mins and then it went dark - at 3pm!!


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