Saturday, 6 October 2012

It's International Card Making day!

Yes, today all around the world card makers become one and enjoy their hobby together..well that's the idea I think!  There are things going on all over the internet so I plan on having a bit of a look around once I've finished writing this blog post..

This morning I've been getting into the card making groove and created three cards.  All of them have been made using my second Papercraft Factory CD Colour Me Happy.  It's a CD that gets overlooked by me too often I think, and after creating these cards I think I'll be going back to it alot more..I'd completely forgotten the great backing papers and digital stamps that are on it!

First up a cat card in the new vogue colour at the moment 'Orange'

All the papers and the digital image are from Colour Me Happy.  I coloured the cat and his surroundings using Promarkers and the doodling as usual was done with a black Sakura glaze pen.  Take a closer cat paw prints are not amazing but they are my first go!

So, unlike me I was on on a roll so I made another card..well it's a special card making day isn't it. This next card is also all from Colour Me Happy and it was different for me for two reasons..

Firstly it's a card for a man and also I got a bit inky..which if you know me..I'm not one for getting ink on my hands..mad for a crafter I know !  The base card is one of my favourites at the moment made of Kraft card and again the papers and digital image are from the Colour Me Happy CD.  I coloured the Image with Promarkers and then set to work on the the two backing papers. I printed them on white card and got out my file kit.

Not only did I file around the edges to mess them up I stabbed holes in them and then filed the was great fun.  I folded the card in places back and forth so there were creases and the brown gingham card I cut by hand making sure that it wasn't that straight..not that hard for me as I can't cut by hand to save my life!! To finish it off I added some rough twine and tried to make it look messy to match in with the general feel of the card.  Here's a closer look at the image..

So, you would think that was enough for one morning but not today!!  I made one more card and this again used some techniques that I was trying out for the first time..

As before all the papers and digital image are from the Colour Me Happy CD.  I love green so making a card with my favourite colour is always something I have to try not to do..otherwise everything would be green! The digital image was coloured with Promarkers again. I decided to stitch one end of it with big uneven crosses and then raise the other end a little with double sided foam pads.  Just a little thing I learned whilst doing this..put the foam pads on first it's really had to stick them on and take off the coverings once you've sewn on the other end..what a numpty!!

I said I'd tried a new technique for me on this card well that was of pleating paper along the bottom.  I have admired other craters cards with this technique on so with my brand new Hougie board I had a go.  The outside pleat fronts you can see are 2cm long with a 1/2cm pleat inside.  As I only have one and a half hands to do this it took a little time and few rude words I wont repeat here! But I got it done in the end.  I decided that I didn't want to stick each section down I wanted it a bit free so I only stuck down the ends and added a few double sided pads in a couple of places and I liked the effect in the end.

I didn't add any sentiments to any of the cards as I thought they could go in my box of cards ready for any forgotten occasion so a quick sentiment printed with the writer on any of the Papercraft Factory CDs would make them perfect!

OK, so that's the start of my crafting for's a special international card making day so I couldn't miss out on that could I?  I hope you are able to get to your crafting desk today or sometime this weekend and know that you are joining in with probably millions of people everywhere doing just the same thing.  It's nice to know that we are not alone in our crafty passions!!

Actually if you are making cards I'd love to see any that you make using Funky Hand stuff..take a picture and post the image on our Facebook page  I'd really like to see them and probably everyone else who follows the page Maybe there might be a little gift for anyone who does.(wink)  You'll have to pop over now wont you!!

Happy crafting and speak again soon.
Anice xx

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