Monday, 7 November 2011

My Dad had a birthday..

My Dad and I have birthdays in the same month so November is a month for me to make birthday cards and to receive them!  Here's the fun little card that I made Dad this year,

I know I was being a bit cheeky..but he doesn't mind!!  The card was made with papers, digital images and sentiments from my CD Happy Happy Birthday.  I had to send it in the post so I wanted it to have some layers but not be so thick that it would cost a forture to send in the post or would just get wrecked!  So, I didn't use any foam pads but stuck each part of the card down flat with wet glue.  To create a feeling of layers I added a section of the same printed card on top of the main backing paper and just doodled with a black Sakura pen simply around the edges of both.  The topper was created in the Happy Happy Birthday Work Space using three digital stamps, the pint of beer and the two sentiments 'Over the hill' and the 'Happy Birthday' banner.  That's the great thing about the Papercraft Factory Work Space that you will find on all our Papercraft Factory CD ROMS (Dreams Come True, Colour Me Happy, Craft The Year Away, Happy Happy Birthday & Twelve Crafters Crafting) you can resize all the digital images and sentiments and mix and match them to create your own perfect topper.  If none of the sentiments are exactly what you want, maybe you want add the persons name, then just use the sentiment writer, also available on the Work Space, and write whatever you like in loads of different fonts.  Your options are endless really.  Of course you might think that I would say that as Papercraft Factory is a Funky Hand creation but I know that it's a big plus from all the emails I get every week from really happy I must be doing something right with it!!

Anyway, back to my Dad's birthday card !  I finished off the topper by colouring it in with Promarker pens and adding highlights to the image with a white Sakura pen.  I always find it a bit strange using a white Sakura pen as when you draw it's clear..then after a few mins it dries and it's suddenly white. Then you find out if you have put it in the right place!!  But that's what crafting is all about to me..having a go at things you have never done before and having fun at the same time !

Enjoy your crafting this week!
Anice xx


  1. Hi Anice - I've been a bad friend, haven't been over for ages. Love this card, looks very dimensional even without the raised layers. Hope you and yours are well,
    big hugs
    En xxx

  2. such a gorgeous card, sorry I have not been on your blog for a while, life just has been so busy.


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