Saturday, 10 January 2009

Just a little sneaky look..

I promise I have been working on new designs..even though all my other work has been getting rather in the way. That's a big problem with being the only one here..I have to do everything! I absolutely love my job but sometimes I wish I could sit for days just designing..I can dream I suppose!

I have received quite a positive reaction to the word books that are included on my latest craft CD Funky Daze with alot of my download customers asking when they will be available to them. I never like to include anything on a download that is available on a CD or visa versa so..that means that I need to pull together a new wordbook collection. Which is what I have done!! I'm not ready to release it for sale just yet..I have to let my wonderful Design Team get their hands on it first, but I thought I would give you a little sneaky peek just to prove I have actually been doing something other than processing orders and filing paperwork!

Now I need to get back to that order processing..speak again real soon!
Anice xx


  1. Oh this looks fab. I bought my first download yesterday and I must say I'm very impressed.

  2. As always Anice you never fail to give the public what they want & boy you don't half put your heart & soul into it...

    I have made a few word books over the festive season but they were going out as quick as they were made so haven't got any on my blog yet... hhhmmmm perhaps that will have to be done over the next few days...

    Please keep up the hard work as we all appreciate it.

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  3. I love the word books on the CD. I have made 3 so far for my friends. Really annoying though that some letters come up the same pattern!:) So I had to cut a letter out and made up a new page by sticking it on another paper pattern. Never mind, Im not complaining!!!!! LOL
    Please take a look at my blog to see my cards.

  4. oooh can't wait to play with this new download, but will not have time till later in the week(sob) but head filled with lots of ideas-looks fab as usual


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