Monday, 26 January 2009

Funky Daze premier on Ideal World

I have a really busy day ahead of me today.. Ian is taking me down to the Metro Centre this morning so I can spend my birthday money on a new top for the Ideal World Show that I am guest presenting tomorrow morning. I couldn't possibly wear anything I've already got!! Whilst we are there all the orders from over the weekend will be put in the post. There were loads this weekend so thank you to everyone who has decided to try a Funky Hand CD or download collection I appreciate every one of your orders!

I have a meeting this afternoon about the workshop that I am going to be taking part in in March, actually I am really honored to be asked. One of the Doctors at the local rehabilitation hospital has asked me to speak to other MS patients about starting my own business and how having MS doesn't have to be the end..but the beginning of something new! I know how hard it is when you are first diagnosed with MS to see the future clearly but hopefully I can give them a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel..or a few laughs at least!!

Then, we are off on the long drive to Peterborough so I can be at the Ideal World studios bright and early tomorrow morning. The show, which will feature my newest CD Funky Daze and also Now that's Funky, will air at 11am on the Ideal World Channel, I have the lovely Stephanie as my presenter so it should be an enjoyable experience. I've been working hard pulling together demonstrations for both CDs and you will be able to see the fantastic sample cards that my wonderful Design Team have created.

Well I'd best get on with the day as there's lots to do..
Speak again soon
Anice xx


  1. sock it to em Anice....will be glued to the box.....have a great hour

  2. Good luck with the show Anice, unfortunately I am working so will miss it! I think that is an amazing thing you are doing speaking to other MS patients, you will inspire them, Im sure! Best of luck again X

  3. Lynn Owens2:07 pm

    Good luck with the show but don't let Stephanie talk too much as we would rather watch you demonstrating. I'll be at work so won't be watching live but I'll be recording to watch later. I bought the Funky Daze CD last week and have made a couple of cards using the Son Day collection which I love, it combines my favourite colour green with blue and brown. I'm looking forward to getting some inspiration from you.

  4. good luck for tommorrow anice, i am taping it as i am at work but will be watching it tommorrow night!!! i love the papers i got from you so it will be nice to see how to use the cd's x

  5. Hi Anice I recently won one of your cd's over at Tag Your It challenge blog it was sent to me by the lovely Kath it is fab there is so much on it I dont know what to try first!, just wanted to say good luck for your ideal world show i'm going to tune in for inspiration

    Emma xxx

  6. You will be great Anice, just don't let Stephanie start giggling!!

    Carol x

  7. Hope all goes well - sure it will - I'll try and grab time with a coffee to sit down and watch x

  8. Ooooh you were fab sweetie - i never normally watch the channel, i tuned in especially for you!! You rocked!! Congrats on the sell out - not htat i am at all suprised!!!

  9. wonderful that it was sell out Anice and no wonder the CD is fab, will get to see it on Thursday as was getting it taped for me- long may the orders continue

  10. Anonymous8:32 pm

    i think you are alovely crafter ilike to watch when you are on keep the lovely cds coming iwould love to be on the telly or a sampler behind the scenes it must be good fun all the best love from a crafter lynn north yorks


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