Friday, 23 January 2009

The 10 min card mystery...

You must have all been there, your other half has asked you to make a card for some occasion and you've said 'yes..yes I'll get it done' and then that request has gone clean out of your head until the moment when they say 'that card needs to be in the post tomorrow' and it's 10pm and you're thinking about going to bed after a long day..No? Well it happened to me last night. As I said in my last post I don't get to make cards that often that people actually receive so you would think that I would be right on top of one that needs making...wrong! I am so wrapped up in work at the moment I don't have much time to do anything else, never mind remember to make a card as ordered by my OH!

Well anyway there I was last night at my craft desk trying to make a decent looking anniversary card for Ians parents in less than 10mins as that was pretty much all the time I could stay awake.. and you know I was rather pleased with the results. (Please accept my apologies for the poor quality photograph but I had to take it this morning before it went into the post and the light was even worse than I thought it was.. this is the result of some serious photoshop should have seen it before!!)

Why is it that you can pull together something pretty simple but really effective from the stash you can find lying on your craft desk but when you have all the time in the world no inspiration comes? Annoying but very my case anyway!!
The backing paper is from my not yet released download which I will be back to tell you about in a future post and the chipboard heart is covered with a paper from my CD Funky Daze (which you will be able to see more of next Tuesday at 11am if you tune into Ideal World) The ribbon and buttons were all just sitting lonely on my craft desk and they worked perfectly!

Now I'm off to sit in my craftroom and spend another few hours trying to come up with demonstration cards that wont be half as nice as my 10 min creation!!

I didn't realise that todays challenge on Daring Card Makers Challenge Blog was to include a heart on your card..I must be psychic.. get yourself over there and join in!

Speak again soon.
Anice xx


  1. Well I just LOVE that card Anice. I'm really impressed by the layering

  2. gorgeous card Anice and it's true they come together brilliantly when your under pressure..the more thinking time you have spells the paper.

  3. love it, sometimes its better to be under pressure and then it all just happens.... but of course it could have gone the other way.... that's usually what would happen to me!

  4. This is such a lovely card Anice, and the colour is just stunning! hugs Linda x

  5. Chocolate is just so in now!!! And all the better for not being the real stuff!!

    Do like the card!!

  6. It's lush Anice! My card this week was a real quickie too (although it maybe took 15-20 mins as opposed to your 10!). xxx

  7. Anice this is really gorgeous hun and i wouldnt have thought it only took ten mins, its so elegant, have a great weekend hugs Pops x x x

  8. Very pretty Anice........and yes, I can relate to speedy cards and messy desks ;)

  9. Well done for coming up with such a beautiful card in such a short time. x

  10. That card is lovely, I cant believe it only took you 10 minutes!

    I hope they like it!

  11. I know exactly what you mean Anice. I call it OMG I have too much stash to choose from Syndrome. Your card is Fab! I love it.

  12. This is wonderful Anice. Pulling it together so quickly deserves a medal and what a result - it's funny how sometimes it all works so quickly and other times you can sit ofr hours and make a load of tosh - well, I can, anyway1

  13. Gorgeous card. Love the colours.

  14. I love your 10min creation it is wonderful.
    I totally get your situation & had to chuckle, as I get the same from my hubby...I call then 'Can you Just's'.
    He usually gets in from work & says 'Can you Just' make a card for someone at work? I told the guys not to bother buying one & that you would make one for us all to sign. Oh by the way I am sorry but I need it for tomorrow....

  15. Very elegant card Anice, love buttons and the heart is gorgeous. Cant wait to see your new download

    xxx Sue

  16. This is lovely - great card. Love the buttons

  17. being reminded of a card you said yes to making and having to do it the night before has happened to me on a few occasions. So I know exactly how you feel. I have to say your card looks fab and I wouldn't have guessed it took you 10 mins at all.

  18. Such a beautiful card Anice, I love the colours that you’ve used


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