Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Happy Left Handers Day!

HeHe! It's great that us poor left handed people who have to struggle every day with the most simple things in this Right handed world have a special day just for us to celebrate our left handedness! So to all you left handers out there, have a great day! If you fancy having a bit of fun in your office or place of work how about printing off one of these 'Lefty Zone' posters from the Left Handed Club website and get your right handed mates to see just what it's like being in the exclusive 10% of left handers!!

It's double fun for us in our house as both Ian and I are left handed, everything is set up here for us and it's such a laugh when people visit and they find it difficult to use our kettle as it's set up left handed, left handed tin openers, scissors, plus lots more. I'm even sitting typing on a left handed keyboard with the mouse on the left hand side!
Enjoy your day lefties!!
Anice xx


  1. Happy Left Hand Day to you!! I'm right handed but do somethings left handed....!!

  2. Yes, lefties have rights, too.

    It's great that we have this one day especially for us! Happy Left Handers Day.

  3. Happy Left handed day to you & Ian - if we'd known that we would have sent you a card

  4. Another Kath here! I am also left handed as was my husband and one of my sons.We had problems helping our other son to tie his shoelaces!!

  5. I am a lefty in a right handed house, but I can't do some things left handed like cutting with scissors and the mouse and keyboard but I had it ingrained for so many years!

  6. Really beautiful posting!!!

  7. Happy left hand day!!! Here's a useless snippet of information... I'm right handed but can play snooker shots with my left hand too!!! Much like Ronnie O Sullivan!! ;-)


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