Friday, 6 June 2008

This weeks Daring Card Makers Challenge

I don't always get a chance to take part in the DCM challenges but when I looked this morning to see what the challenge was and I saw that our very own Funky Hand Design Team Member Jozza was a guest designer I promised myself I would join in.

Here is this weeks challenge:
Jane this week has dared us all to include a quote on our card. Stamped, Computer Generated or Rub Ons it doesn't matter and choose your own style or occassion.

The design teams cards are fab and my effort seems a bit simplistic but I wanted to introduce you to a new friend of mine Kendrick Kat...

Kendrick is a cat that has been hanging around my design space for quiet a while in many different guises..I am auditioning him at the moment for a possible part in my up coming new rubber stamp collection.. he's a bit of a pain and can be a touch grumpy but he's one of the front runners at the moment!!
Anyway the card has been made with papers from my Funky Seasons CD and Kendrick has been badly chalked by me..but I am trying to use different techniques..not all that successfully!! The quote 'Dogs come when they are called, cats take a message & get back to you' (incase you can't read it!) is one I found on the internet by Mary Bly ,it spoke to me as that is exactly how I always thought my cat behaved when she was with me.

I mentioned in my last post that I was having some PR photographs taken for a Business thing that the local enterprise company were doing. Here is one of them..

The photographer came early so I hadn't finished sorting out my hair but at least it was sunny outside in the garden..I was terrified he might want to take the pictures in my office..I would have needed a couple of weeks to clean up first!!

Anice xx


  1. Love the card Anice but you know that saying isn't true...Buddy was a very naughty boy this morning and ran off chasing rabbits. I took me half an hour to find say I was frantic was putting it mildly. Just love that kitty image and can't wait for the stamps to be released.

  2. I really am a numptie today - forgot to say love the photo as well and the hair looks fine..that gorgeous windswept look.

  3. Windswept maybe..gorgeous I don't think..I hate pictures of myself..makes me have to accept I'm not 20 anymore!!

  4. We want the stamps!!!!!!! I would love using Kendrick!! And the photo of you is lovely - you look really nice and friendly, approachable and dependable. And if I looked like that early in the morning, I'd be chuffed to bits!!

  5. Hi Anice, love the cards & your pic, you look lovely. I've been busying myself playing with your downloads so if you fancy having a look at what I've done please feel free to pop over & visit.

    Here's to your next release. Keep up the fab work as we all love it.

    Lorraine xxx

  6. Great photo, and your card is it

  7. First of all the card is fabulous and I think you've done a great job with the chalks!

    Secondly - I need that stamp!! Can't wait for all the stamp stuff to happen.

    Thirdly - you look babelicious in your photo! Honestly!!


  8. I have to agree on the photo front! You look fab, just the part!!!

    Kendrick looks like a fun cat, great card and love the quote!

  9. Kendrick looks great - what's the competition like in the auditions?! Great piccie, too even if it does look like your house is on a VERY steep hill!

  10. I just tagged you, will you answer my this or that questions...please xxx

  11. he's very sweet,love the dotty paper :)

  12. that is a fabulous photo - you really do look gorgeous

    Brilliant card too - that kitty is so cute :)

    jo xx

  13. Cute card, I don't think its simplistic at all. Great photo of you too!

  14. As always, I am loving your cards! They're always so.... fresh! :o)

    Kendrick looks like a very accommodating fellow to me, and I can't wait to play with him (and his friends!) :o)

    And you, lady, look FANTASTIC in that pic! Sooooo happy and cheerful.. Nobody can fail to smile when they see that. :o)

  15. please Anice I need Kendrick NOW does he have a litle doggy pal to play with does he does he oooh can't wait for the stamps to arrive and i agree your hair looks great and the photo is great too I would have had to have spent hours to get mine even half reasonable

    remember hurry with those stamps!

  16. A brilliant fun card!!! Great look very business-like

  17. Oooh, this is the first time I have seen your blog and website - your CD's look fab, I need to investigate this further...!!! That cat is just so adorable and the card you made with him is brilliant! Are you doing your own stamp range?

    Great blog! ;o)

  18. You look great in your pic! Love you card too!

    Debbie x


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