Tuesday, 17 June 2008

It's not always, work, work, work..

Last weekend Ian and I took a well earned trip away for the weekend with a couple of our friends. We visited the Lake District and enjoyed a little time away from Funky Hand..don't be shocked it was only a couple of days, I couldn't leave it for much longer!! I thought I would share a few of the photographs of this momentous occasion, I hope you are getting the drift that we don't get out much!!

We stayed in a fab bed and breakfast not far from Lake Windermere and this is a picture of the great view we got when we were out and about of the hills around us.
We pushed the boat out and visited a very nice Michelin starred restaurant on the Saturday night where we ate fantastic food at enormous prices!! Thank goodness it's only every once in a while or we would be bankrupt!!

Ian has a bit of an interest in prehistoric stone circles so we agreed to go and see some on the way home on Sunday thanks goodness the weather was good as they were in the middle of nowhere!

I have to admit I am a bit of a town girl and I don't really 'do' the outdoors that much which Ian finds hilarious most of the time as he is a bit of a country boy at heart. He took this picture of me out in the middle of a field where some standing stones were, I wasn't really that comfortable walking in fields etc..I had heels on!

I'm glad he finds me entertaining sometimes..I'll find him some work to do to pay him back!!

Anice xx


  1. You look as though you had a fab time and a well deserved break for you both and hey blue sky in the Lake District...

  2. What beautiful views! It's always nice to have a well earned break!
    Love Becky xx

  3. Great photos, Anice! Lovely scenery. Now, see, I LOVE the outdoors, but never go there! (sigh) There's a moral in there, somewhere...

  4. At least it didn't rain!! Sounds like you had a great time!

  5. So glad you had a fab time at the weekend & what a lovely part of the country to visit. No doubt you've got more ideas now than ever after giving the brain a rest. Can't wait to see the show on C&C as my unit didn't record last time. Never know perhaps we might see you at the C&C Experience next year.

    Lorraine xxx

  6. Hi Anice! Just heard the good news that you are sponsoring the Penny Black Saturday Challenge, that's so great! I love your papers and can't wait to work with them on the challenge! Love Becky xx

  7. Hey Anice, nice to hear you get a break every now and then!! Fab photies, I love the Lake District.. can't believe you were out in your heels tho!! LOL xx

  8. Glad you had a good break!


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