Sunday, 22 June 2008

I promise I haven't been slacking..

With my weekend away last weekend and no posts all week I bet you were thinking that Anice was having an extended holiday! Well I haven't, I have been working away all week preparing for three shows that I am recording for Create and Craft next Wednesday. All my other shows so far have been live one offs on Ideal World so it's a big step forward to get to record shows that will be shown repeatedly over the next six months or so. It means I wont have to keep traveling down to Peterborough from Newcastle (which is a loooong and boring journey!) to have my products seen by crafters. So this week I have been designing card demonstrations, and throwing them in the bin, and then designing some more! I have finally completed six demos two each of each of my latest CD releases Funky Seasons, V Funky & Now that's Funky. I'm recording a half hour show for each so two demos each should be enough (I hope!!)
I thought I would share a few sneak peeks of three of the cards just to prove I have been doing something all week..

As well as making card demos I have also been having very exciting meetings with a stamp manufacturer and I am all excited about getting started on my stamp designs once these shows are out of the way. Anyway I have loads of work to get on with today..even though it is Sunday so I had best get back to it, speak again soon...

Anice xx


  1. Great sneak peeks! Have great fun with the recording. Look forward to seeing the results on C&C.

  2. I rely on C&C for a lot of hands on inspiration here on mainland Spain, so I am really looking forward to seeing you and your demos.

  3. As a privileged DT member, have seen these demo pieces, and they show some great, simple techniques that I have not yet seen on any of the TV channels (except Anice's!), so these shows will be well worth watching.. quite apart from the opportunity to buy Funky Hand CDs, of course! lol.. (Was forgetting about that part, momentarily! lol) ;o)

    Best of luck with Wednesday, Anice, and if I wasn't going to be out that day, I would invite you over for a coffee... but my little sis is taking me out for my
    birthday... :o)

    Have fun!

    Heather xx

  4. Agree with Heather - wait until you see the actual cards - they are fab and great techniques..good luck for Wednesday...sock it to them Anice.

  5. Wow these sneak peeks look brilliant ,
    i am sure all this hard work will pay off ,i love to see your demos on create and craft ,Dawnxx

  6. Eeeeee! Them's look good!!

    I will be watching and will do my best to get the rest of the office to do so too!

  7. They look great Anice! I will look out for your shows, Create and Craft is usually on all day in my house anyway so I doubt I will miss them lol! Your stamps sound very interesting!!!
    Love Becky xx

  8. LazyKay12:54 pm

    I don't think you'd know how to be slack! Well done on your success with the shows.


  9. Great news on the recording shows to save your travelling, sounds like you need the extra time!!

    Sneak peeks look great :)

  10. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Hi Anice

    You little tease - just showing those bits!! Can't wait to see the whole of the cards.

    Will be recording Wednesday.

    You are certainly sounding very busy. All very exciting.

    Well done.

    Take care Jules xx

  11. These sneeky peeks look great I bet they are fantastic - cannot wait to see.

  12. Hi Anice, little taster are yummy but do we expect anything less from you? I think not...
    Can't wait to see the shows on tv & new stamps.... well that sounds very interesting. Hope all went well on Wednesday.

    Lorraine xxx

  13. Wow, the stamps in progress sound rather exciting. I shall be waiting with eager anticipation for more news....

  14. have just given you a little award over on my blog

  15. You are such a star now Anice! So I've given you an award for your outstanding and inspirational blog - you'll find it over on my blogspot.


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