Tuesday, 3 June 2008

More Magazine stuff for Funky Hand !

I thought I would share with you another card that I made which has been included in a designer card give away booklet this month..as well as the one in Crafts Beautiful I shared a few days ago I also have one included in this months issue of Simple Cards & Papercraft.

The papers I used for this card are from my CD Now that's Funky.. I had a bit of a green and blue theme going here, the advert matches my card!!

I got my timings off a bit this month and I've also got a competition running in the same issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft. You can win a complete set of all six of my CDs and the two paper packs, the competition is to make a card for a Teenager and send it in to the magazine.

It's always fun to see my designs in print and to hear the reactions from readers. I've been lucky enough to have a few very pleasant emails which has been really nice.

On the work front I am still beavering away designing papers for my next CD release, I'm afraid it's not going as quick as I had hoped, other things keep getting in the way but I will keep at it. Tommorrow I have a photographer coming here to take my picture for a PR thing for the local Tyneside Economic Development Company. They are using me and Funky Hand as a case study about new businesses in the North East. I will need to get myself tidied up for the photograph, do my hair and put some make up on..I wouldn't want anyone to see what I really look like when I am working..(looks down at the stylish New York Police Department t'shirt, Jeans and spotty slippers combo I am wearing.)
Speak again soon
Anice xx


  1. Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more.
    my website

  2. Well done you for getting all this great publicity. Don't get too dolled up for the PR man, you don't want to put off other budding entrepreneurs who might think they can't make it if they don't dress up!

  3. The competition sounds fab!!

    Plenty of lip gloss and pouting for you then eh??!!

  4. LazyKay6:57 pm

    Well done!


  5. Hi Anice, this is definately a competition I'm going to enter.
    L. x

  6. Well done Anice :)

  7. Haven't picked up my copy yet!!! Aaarrgghh!! Must pull my finger out and get to Tescos!

  8. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Hi Anice

    What an exciting time for you - well done. Your hard work is clearly paying off.

    I saw your cards in the magazines and I saw the competition but I won't be entering. I cannot leave it to luck - I just simply have to have the remaining two CD's to complete my collection.

    I am going to place my order now. I have sort of won them anyway because I am paying for them out of my winnings. We had a slimming competition for 11 weeks and I came first. I lost a whole one stone two and a quarter pounds!

    Quite an achievement really because is means I will have the last two of your CDs and my old clothes are fitting me again.

    Hope everything continues to go well for you.

    Best wishes
    Jules xx


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