Thursday, 13 March 2008

My crafting mojo seems to have returned!!

Recently I have been really struggling with coming up with new ideas for papers and cards..I think it's because I have been so busy with trade shows and TV shows that all my creative energy just got up and left!
The last couple of days I have actually had some inspiration for designing and I am almost half way through designing a new collection of papers that I will be releasing as my first 'all new' download. If things keep going like this they might even be ready for the weekend! Ssshh I'd best not say it too loud as I am sure to fall on my face when it takes another two weeks!!

This afternoon I had a go at making my first Exploding's a mini one which means there wasn't much room for decoration but it was my first go so I thought I'd leave it relatively plan.

The papers are from my new download, the colours are a nice mix of pinks and greens with a little bit of brown thrown in. I had some fun making doodle brushes and I'm quite pleased how they have come out so far!!

Ian is out for the evening with his work collegues so I have the house to myself tonight. I am looking forward to sitting infront of the TV and eating lots of sweeties! It's only 4pm now though so I still have to get more work done before any of that can happen!! ho hum!

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  1. Lovely colour combination hun, and great exploding box!

    I've blogged my first attempt at such a box today. I think I'm going to be hooked on making them for a while lol.


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