Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Bank Holiday!

I hope you have all had a really great Easter, I have to admit to being the laziest I have been in months! Ian and I have just sat around eating chocolate and doing stuff we thoughts of work, but today I need to get back into the saddle! Over the last few weeks I have been working on a couple of new downloads to put onto the website. They are nearly finished so they should be available soon. Hopefully the odd download here and there will keep everyone happy whilst I work on the next CD. I can reveal I have a name first this trying to come up with something at the end like last time! This next Cd will be my seventh! So I want to try to make it extra special, keep an eye out here and as I complete things I'll give you a sneak peek!

Before I get bogged down with new designs for the next CD I have to finish the latest new download, this morning though I just played with a couple of papers and made this Digi scrap page. The pictures are from the night out for my birthday last year so all my friends were together which doesn't happen that often anymore as we are all so busy with families, work, doing up houses and running our own businesses!!

We have big plans ahead for some serious changes to the website which I am really excited about. There is still loads of planning to do and I'm sure all the big ideas I throw in will be thrown out again by Ian as he has to actually make the changes!! But I will try just the same!

I have some card making to do today as I have three male birthday cards to make..oh no tough ones! Especially as one of them is for my wonderful Ian, eek! his birthday is on Wednesday so I had better get my skates on.. better get surfing the web to get some ideas!! Speak soon.


  1. Glad to hear you had a break Anice. All work and no play....

    Great page you made there, are you thinking about making digi-kits? I think digi-scrapping is going to be very big in the future - I'm hooked already!

  2. Fab page Anice! Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff you're coming up with :o)
    DOn't work too hard - and remember - chocolate is good for you!!! :o)


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