Monday, 13 August 2012

Left Handed people unite!

I know you can't believe it two blog posts in one day from me!  But I had to share with you that today is officially Left Handers Day.  The day when we can celebrate being left handed.  Ian and I are both left handed so all of our house is set up to accommodate us.  It's so funny to see all our right handed friends and family trying to do stuff around there. We always get comments like, our kettle is the wrong way or our toilet roll holders are in the wrong place. All we ever say is 'welcome to our world'..that's what it's like for us everywhere outside of our house..and my studio!!

So if you are left handed.. today is your day. Be proud, we might be the minority but we are the best! In my humble and totally biased opinion of course!!

Anice xx


  1. Little Mo is waving at you with his left hand too hun, he's a lefty!!!
    huge hugs Lou and mo xxx

  2. I'm a lefty too - lots of lefties in my family - I even married one! Can't get on with left handed scissors though. Discovered too late in life I think.
    Beryl xx

  3. Yay for Left-Handers Day from a fellow lefty! :) x
    (I'm always turning the kettle round in our kitchen lol!)

  4. I am a lefty too..and i'm proud to be one!


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