Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mothers Day a little late Part One!

As I said in my last blog post I'm a bit behind with my blogging, which is because I'm working very hard on the next Funky Hand CD and time has just got away from me..  I'm sure you all know what that is like!!

Well, I'm also sure you all knew last Sunday was Mothers Day, well I actually did find some time to create cards for my Mom and Ian's Mum so I thought I would share them with you..but I've decided to just show you my Moms today and my next blog post will have Ian's Mums on it!

So, here is the card created for my Mom for Mothers Day 2012...

I know it's a pretty simple layered card but it had to go into the post and I needed it to get there in one piece.

My Mom was my inspiration to start crafting so I have so much to thank her for.  Not only for being a wonderful Mom all my life but also for pushing me to try something new in 2006 when I was diagnosed with MS and my whole life changed.  I didn't realise then how much it would change as, if I hadn't had that initial push from my Mom to try card making I would never have started designing my own backing papers and Funky Hand would never have been born!  So, thanks Mom you are the best!

For this card I used my craft CD ROM Craft The Year Away for the base card which I printed straight onto the A4 card and scored and folded it into an A5 card base.  The collection used is the April Fool Collection.  The MOM topper was created in the workspace of the CD using matching letters and then using the writer tool to write the sentiment and sizing it and adding them together to print.

The light brown paper covered with writing that the topper is layered over is from my Steam Funk download. which has turned out to be a very popular download.  If you haven't got it yet you must be one of the only ones!!

I wanted to just add a little something extra to the card but that wouldn't increase it's depth too much and so have a chance of being wrecked by the post office!  So a little something has to be ribbon doesn't it?  I tied a piece of 5mm brown ribbon around the Steam Funk printed card knotted it and added a pin with a heart header..

So there you go, a simple but I think effective Mothers Day card combining two different Funky Hand products.

Before I go I have to tell you my little story about getting my Mom flowers delivered for Mothers day.  As you can tell I was running behind on everything so I left it a little late ordering flowers.  None of the big websites could deliver what I wanted..though they let me go through right to paying before saying they couldn't deliver..grrrr ( Hard stare for the bad programming skills, or lack of them, of the web developers on those sites ) Anyway so I went onto trusty Google and found a florist local to my parents.  I rang them and organised a bouquet to be delivered to Mom on Saturday.  I told them what I wanted written on the message card and as they spoke with the same accent as me..I was sure they had understood.  Unfortunately I was mistaken as my Mom received beautiful flowers from ALICE..she guessed it was me as she only has one daughter.  I say it's her fault for giving me a silly name!!

Hope you all had lovely Mothers Days, if you have children or were able to make fabby cards for your Mom.

Be back soon with another Mothers Day card sample!
Anice xx

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