Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year Ahead..

I hope you all got your hands on some of our sale items over the last few days in our year end sale.  It's quite nice to have a sale and clear out some of the stock room ready for new things to take their places.
We have plenty of new Funky Hand products planned for 2012 so those spaces wont be empty for too long!!

I don't know about you but I always have mixed feelings about the New Year.
Part of me is looking forward to January 1st. New fresh start..stating all your new year resolutions just like every other year..losing weight, blogging three times a week (at least), going on long walks to get all that lovely extra exercise I need..BLAH BLAH.
The other part of me likes the comfort of this year..I knew what happened, not all of it was great but..some was good, even fantastic and I find it hard to give up another year that I have survived.

Reading this back it all sounds a bit strange but that is just how I always feel as the New Year approaches. How about you? Do you like New Year or loath it?

As I have been clearing out the office ready for 2012 I found an image, on my external drive, that I used for my Christmas cards this year that I hadn't shared. (For some mad reason I didn't take a picture of my Christmas cards completed, I know idiot!!) So, I thought I would show it to you to, sort of, end the 'Christmas' it pretty much is now really.

The image is a digital stamp from the Funky Hand Christmas CD ROM Twelve Crafters Crafting. Alot of crafters I have spoken to with the CD completely missed this image so keep it in mind for next year!!  I sat for ages colouring the images (there were a few cards to make!) using my new set of Letreset Aquamarkers which are now my big favourites.  Expect to see them available for sale on the Funky Hand website in the New Year.

Well I have enjoyed talking to you all this year..more than likely this will be my last post for 2011 as I have two new download collections to get finished over the next couple of days ready for release in 2012, sounds funny doesn't it!

Anyway, that doesn't mean that there wont be more Funky Hand blogging going on though as the last challenge for 2011 over on the Get Funky Challenge Blog is still in full swing and you have until the 14th January to join in and have a chance of winning a download of your choice.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get over there and take a look at the fantastic creations the Funky Hand Design Team Members have already made to inspire you for this challenge.  You know you want to use that new craft stash you had for Christmas..maybe joining in with our challenge could be one of your New Year resolutions!

Have a good start to the New Year..speak to you again in 2012!
Anice xx

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