Friday, 2 September 2011

Do you read many craft magazines?

I've been thinking lately as I've been putting the finishing touches to my latest craft CD ROM Happy Happy Birthday (to be released later in September) and working on the next CD release, how I get copies of craft/card making magazines each month and I hardly ever have a chance to actually sit down and read them. 

We all have busy lives these days I know, gosh I have been really busy recently! But I'd like to hear about which magazines you buy and the ones you enjoy reading the most.  As an advertiser I do get copies of all the magazines I advertise in but much to my sadness they tend to sit unopened on the shelf in my office, or they are looked at so late that the contents are months old!

I know I should take the time to read them, to see what's new out that I might NEED  for my craft stash! It would be a good way see what is going on in the crafty world that might inspire my card making, and my designing. 

I'd be really interested in what your thoughts are about Card Making magazines, are they an inspiration or do yours sit gathering dust?  Do you not bother buying any and why?  Where are you getting your ideas and inspiration from, somewhere else? 

With the Internet full of amazing blogs, forums, website tutorials are you interested in that side of things more these days or are you a happy magazine reader? Come on crafters, I'm really interested in your thoughts about this.  Leave me a message and tell me just what your inspirations are, when you are creating.

Anice xx


  1. Hi Anice, I love craft magazines, they were what really inspired me and helped me when I was first starting out in cardmaking. My favourite magazines at the moment that I subscribe to are Cardmaking & Papercraft and Papercraft Essentials.I love to see what's new out and the inspiration and ideas. These magazines have plenty to read in them and lots of pictures too.I love blogs and the internet but it's nice to get step by steps on how to make your own embellishments etc.. to hand when you need them.The free gifts are great in these magazines too - I've had great paper packs and stamps which really help to add to my crafty stash. I got some Betty stamps of yours that are fab too (really worth getting the mag).Hope you get some time to yourself soon so you can kick back, relax and read.Looking forward to your new cdrom.Love Debbie x

  2. I only ever buy DoCrafts - don't know why as I buy loads of other brands of craft stash too. I do cut out and stick in a book, any layouts, colour schemes or projects I like the look of. I use if for inpsiration when I'm lacking. I do occasionally get other magazines - usually bought by my husband when he's feeling in a generous mood - and it varies which one - but I do the same with them. Cxx

  3. Hello Anice, I currently subscribe to 2 magazines - Complete Cardmaking and Making Cards. Although I love the digital freebies free papers I shall not be able to renew the subscriptions when they fall due. Living on a pension I am finding "too much month and not enough money" for household bills etc. I shall miss them because they are source of information. However, I recently bought Creative Cardmaking in my new local craft shop. This is a fabulous magazine so maybe I will treat myself to a copy occasionally but without the commitment.

  4. Up until recently I subscribed to Simply Cards and Papercrafts and Cardmaking and Papercraft. I had to stop as my hubby lost his job. I love them both and try to have a go at some of the projects - I really love the digi stamps in the middle of Simply Cards and have started to try and use these as they will save me the expense of buying new stamps. I do get a great deal of inspiration from the internet and visiting other peoples blogs, but I sometimes find myself getting depressed when I realise how much better everyone else's cards are.

  5. I know that the mags are pretty expensive & I do hear that from alot of my customers so you are not alone Crissie. Carole making up an inspiration book is a great idea..I might 'borrow' that one! Rachel I bet you really under estimate your crafting talents. I know alot of my design team do that as well! Just keep having a'll find your own style & if it's not like other peoples who cares? It's yours so it's good! Debbie I'm glad you liked the free Our Betty stamps, it's nice to know that stuff I work on is liked. You don't get to hear that much from customers they are too busy crafting!! I'm really enjoying hearing your thoughts so keep them coming!!
    Anice xx

  6. Hi Anice,
    I used to subscribe to Papercraft Inspirations as an overseas subscriber, but this proved to be very expensive. The cost of having the magazine shipped to me here doubled the price! Also as an overseas subscriber I did not qualify for a 'sign up' package. I now wait until I am either back in Ireland or the UK, or get visiting rellies to bring me some new issues of (honestly) whatever mag they can get their hands on. I prefer Making Cards and Papercraft Inspirations, but I also check in with Do-Crafts and various other on-line blogs. Hope this helps.


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