Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What I was up to this weekend!

As you may not know I live in Newcastle so we don't visit London that often as it's a bit far away!! Anyway this weekend Ian treated me to a weekend there so I could visit a few exhibitions that are on at the moment about King Henry VIII. As well as crafting my other big interest is Tudor history and as it's 500 years this year since Henry was crowned King there has been some stuff going on around London. Anyway we visited the British Library, The Tower of London and had a day at Hampton Court..it was all very interesting. I have to admit I already knew all the historical facts, but Ian learned things he didn't know (though I'm sure he didn't care that much either!!) but it was great to be able to see the actual paintings and places that I had read about in the many, many books I own about the subject!!

So I haven't been crafting this weekend but I thought I'd share a few pictures and purchases I made whilst we were down south..

Funky Hand does need new offices but I'm not sure that this would be big enough really...

Proof that I am the creative one in Funky Hand rather than the techie..which is Ians side of things, as I try to understand how to work the tour guide around Hampton Court.

I also bought a complete set of Xmas decorations of Henry & his six wives that Ian hasn't stopped ridiculing but I loved all the bling on their outfits and they fed my crafty needs for the weekend. Henry is up top but here are the girls..

I know, I know, more than a little sad but I don't care!

On the actual Funky Hand work front I am getting along nicely designing new papers for the next CD release and as so many of you have contacted me and asked.. I am starting work on a couple of Christmas themed word book download collections so keep your eyes on the website for their release in the near future. Talking of near future we are now over half way through August which means if you want to join in on our first monthly challenge over at the Get Funky! Challenge blog you have to start thinking about getting those cards posted on your blogs. We have had loads of wonderful entries so far but there is plenty of space for more. Don't forget a £20.00 voucher to spend on www.funkyhand.com is up for grabs so don't miss out!!

Speak again very soon.
Anice xx


  1. Those decorations are fabulous! I must admit I like reading fiction books from that time period but not so much actual history books!

  2. sounds like you had a great time, i've just been reading the other bolelyn girl and would love to see all that stuff while the story is still fresh in my mind - i loved that period in history as a kid - if only my o'level had been about the tudors but no it was the {yawn} industrial revolution = big FAIL!

  3. Oh it looks like you had a great time in that there London, Anice :0) I have never been myself, would love to go to Madam Tussards.
    Perhaps an historical cdrom could be on the agenda for the future????
    Take care,
    *hugs* Heather x

  4. Wow! Those little dolls are great! I enjoyed English History too at school!

  5. Its my first time visiting your blog, I just had to say hello as I loved reading it and looking at your pictures. I think they are wonderful christmas decorations, you wont see many like that on other peoples trees!


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