Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I've grown something!!

I know there will be some of you out there who will think 'so what?' when I tell you that I have got flowers on my orchid. It was an orchid that my friend Helen bought for me for my 40th Birthday last November. Once the flowers had died I thought I just had to throw it away..(as you may be discovering I'm not much of a gardener!) but I went on the internet just before I put it in the bin and found a website explaining that I could carry on growing I started looking after the plant and now nine whole months later here is the result..

Flowers that I helped to grow!! I was so proud as I am the least garden/plant friendly person you will meet. I can kill any plant just by being near it!! I doubt this will be a new hobby but I wanted to share it with you as Ian hasn't been that impressed..surprisingly!!

I'm still working on commission cards for mags so once again no crafting that I can share at the moment but that will change soon as I've a birthday card to make for my friend Vic..if I can find time to fit it in between everything else.

The designing for the new CD is going well and I've almost finished some Christmas word book downloads that should be available in September (fingers crossed!)
If you were planning on joining in with the first challenge on the Funky Hand Design Team blog Get Funky! you only have until Monday 31st August to get your cards done. The August winner will be announced on Tuesday 1st September and a new challenge will be launched and it's a great one from our Ruth (TipTop)

I speak to you again very soon as I've something exciting to announce for the weekend....
Anice xx


  1. wow Mrs Green Fingers...what a gorgeous orchid...and well done....apparently they can be a bit difficult to grow and Ian should be mega impressed.....big hugs kath xxxxx

  2. Glad to hear that the new CD is comming together, can't wait to see what's on it. I hope that you don't mind if I make a suggestion ... Often I wish to include a plain coloured paper/card and at times struggle to get a good match for the colours in the collection. Now I know that you usually include a couple of plainish (is this a real word) papers in each collection but could you consider including a plain/plainish paper in all of the colours.

    Lynn x

  3. I'm impressed! I can usually grow most things but never tried an orchid - they look complicated!!!

  4. wow- I would have killed that off long ago- even killed an air plant once!none of it intentionally- it just happens!

  5. Well Done Anice!! I'm hopeless with plants, although i think it's this house as i used to have loads in our other house and they all thrived!......well that's my excuse anyway :)
    I love these orchids, but i think i might have to get one of the artificial ones!!!

    Carol x


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