Wednesday, 5 November 2008

We're back in business!!

I must offer apologies to all the readers of this blog who have been missing out on the right hand bar with my lovely picture in and all the other interesting links to my DT blogs and favorite sites for a while. That's if you have been viewing it in Internet explorer.

I have to put my hands up and admit that it was because I embedded details about Twitter into a post a little while ago and I didn't do it properly..sorry. I didn't notice the problem before now because I don't use IE when surfing the internet.

Can I say a great big thank you to my fab customer and reader Trisha Platon for bringing the problem to my attention and to my wonderful techie guy (or code monkey as he likes to be called!) Ian who has spent the last few hours trying to find what I had done and mend it.

There Ian is that enough recognition for your efforts?

I'll be back with some crafty stuff in a few days, enjoy your Bonfire Night!
Anice xx


  1. Hooray for Techie guys!

  2. Hehe way to go code monkey!


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